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Monday 26 November 2018

Rupert Murdoch Tells Tories To Sack May

Earlier this month, Zelo Street concluded that Rupert Murdoch had decided that he and his fellow mafiosi would no longer support Theresa May’s premiership, in contrast to the Daily Mail, which has continued to back her under new editor Geordie Greig. After yesterday’s signing of the Brexit deal in Brussels, that abandonment has been confirmed in spades, as the Super Soaraway Currant Bun has dumped on the PM in no style at all.
We can see this as the Sun has resorted to what it knows best - slagging off all those people who talk foreign. The front page lead sets the tone, howling “Gloating Macron Threat To UK … EU’RE HAVIN’ A LAUGH … PM blasted as Brexit deal signed”.

Today’s editorial condemns the deal signed yesterday, without bothering to actually read it: “IT took EU leaders just THIRTY-EIGHT minutes to sign off the Brexit deal … That tells you just how bad it is for Britain … It is not a diplomatic compromise. It’s a surrender … We cannot recommend this deal to our readers, nor to MPs”. And there is more.
Pity the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker don’t understand what leaving the EU means, mind: “there are reports that the EU will cut us out of defence and foreign policy decisions”. Yes, Murdoch goons, that’s because we’re leaving the club. But they are clear that “The PM must call Brussels’ bluff”. They know she won’t. So enter Trevor Kavanagh.
Rupe’s faithful retainer does not concern himself with such trivia, but relays His Master’s Voice to the readers: “Theresa May faces near-certain defeat next month when she offers MPs a ‘meaningful vote’ … The EU will be told to think again … But not by this Prime Minister … Theresa May must go … and quickly”. No ambiguity there, then.
Kavanagh - Murdoch's messenger

And he wasn’t finished. “Well-meaning, dutiful and stubborn though she is, Mrs May has bungled every step of this agonising Brexit process, surrendering to EU bullies and betraying the trust of 17.4million voters … Great Britain, the only country in Europe never to be conquered or occupied in a thousand years, has meekly surrendered as a vassal state in the EU empire”. He forgot William of Orange, too.
Gove - warned to get back in line

Then he goes all paranoid and rambles on about Jeremy Corbyn. But the message is as clear as when the twinkle-toed yet domestically combative Rebekah Brooks abandoned Gordon Brown for Young Dave. The Boss doesn’t want another party in office, though - he wants the Tories to do his bidding and depose Ms May.

There is also a coded kicking for Michael “Oiky” Gove, who has decided to back the PM: he earns the headline “Gove Bottles It”. Just so he remembers who’s paying some of that dosh that keeps him and Sarah “Lady Macbeth” Vine in the style to which the two of therm have become accustomed. That suggests Gove should ultimately abandon Ms May too.
The Sun even gives a platform to terminally useless former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab to say why the deal signed yesterday is rubbish. And should be rejected. The only imponderable here is - does the Sun still have the clout Murdoch thinks it has?

One thing is for sure - the calls for Theresa May to go will only get louder.
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Arnold said...

“The PM must call Brussels’ bluff”. "The EU will be told to think again". And why not when we hold all the cards?
Oh hang on....

Anonymous said...

This gets funnier as Murdoch and his rabid spaniels start yapping again.

Even Scum readers, the most stupid on the planet, might baulk at this. Yes, even the corner shop mentality prevalent in the Gnome Counties.

Not that I could care less. I hope they all kick the living shits out of each other. If the crime figures are anything to go by they've already made a promising start.

Unknown said...

We were conquered by the Dutch in 1667 for the Glorious revolution when their soldiers marched into London and put William and Mary on the throne. As for surrender. The biggest surrender was to the idiot Europhiles and the Tax dodging billionaire press barons who head for bigger personal enrichment by us being out of the EU.

Tim Fenton said...


ITYM 1688. The official excuse is that the Dutch monarchs were "invited". Still looks a bit like an invasion, though.

Shawcross of Peterloo said...

I want to be free, did we march in vain?

Anonymous said...

Post at 1409.

Shouldn't that be "Shawcross of Stoke City"?