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Tuesday 27 November 2018

Piers Morgan Up Trump’s Arse Again

When the Mash Report’s Rachel Parris introduced the depiction of former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan with his head up the arse of Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, Morgan was incandescent with rage. His pals at Mail Online told “The Good Morning Britain presenter, who secured the first international interview with Trump last week, slammed the corporation for using the image on The Mash Report”.
There was more in the same whinging vein. “He wrote: 'Amusing though this image may be to many people, can you imagine the BBC broadcasting it if the President was Hillary Clinton or the interviewer was a woman? Is that how licence payer money should be spent?' The BBC thinks this is OK to broadcast. But if it depicted high profile women, there would be outrage. Why the double standard?’” And yet more.

'If they did it to Hilary Clinton and Laura Kuenssberg - somebody WOULD be sacked.’” The problem for Morgan is that they wouldn’t, because whatever Ms Kuenssberg’s faults, she does not spend an inordinate amount of time systematically excusing the inexcusable behaviour of amateur human beings like Trump.

Morgan, on the other hand, does exactly that, and whenever The Donald is the subject of adverse comment, there he is at Mail Online, and, hello ITV bosses, misusing the platform given to him as co-host of Good Morning Britain, howling that Trump isn’t really the bad guy, and that everyone should Look Over There at Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton. Give him time and he’ll be slagging off FDR, too.
He was at it yesterday, after US border forces decided to tear gas a group of central American refugees at the country’s southern border. It was all Obama’s fault, he declared, and Hill would have done the same thing. Next, he’ll be excusing Trump’s clumsy and ignorant comments about Theresa May’s Brexit deal, which a pound to a piece of shit says the clown hasn’t bothered to read. For Morgan, it can never be Trump’s fault.

The parents shouldn’t put their children in harm’s way (like they should abandon them beforehand, eh Piers?). And get this whopper: “We’ve seen what's happened in Europe over the past few years when countries lost control of their borders as millions of migrants swept across the continent … Too little was done too late to deal with the problem, and as a result, horrible amounts of death and chaos ensued”. Except they didn’t. The deaths came precisely because of borders being controlled, and closed off. This is a flat-out lie.
Mail Online may not have a problem with Morgan and his alternative reality, but ITV should. And as for those interviews that Morgan got with Trump, their news value is not unadjacent to zero. Last time, he failed to getEU is our foe” (CBS TV got that one), or what he told Theresa May about “suing the EU” (The Andy Marr Show™ got that).

To paraphrase Peter Cook, “Piers, I have no problem with your access. Your access I like very much. I have nothing against your access. The problem is, neither do you”.

Piers Morgan’s grovelling support of this wayward President is fully deserving of the Mash Report’s derision. And his much-vaunted access to Trump is worse than useless if all he does is to pander to the intellectually bankrupt bully boy. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

Whilst I hope Trump and Morgan get their come uppance somewhere along the line, I can't help but think there might just be a tiny justification in this complaint.

What's the difference in principle between Morgan soft peddling the Trump line and Kuenssberg trying to present May as (inevitably) some kind of Churchillian (goke) figure with the "Dunkirk spirit" (goke again) fighting against overwhelming odds? Surely it doesn't take much imagination to think what Kuenssberg and the BBC gang of righties would do if Jeremy Corbyn found himself in the same position as the Vicar of Wibbly?

And talking of positions and that cartoon - The mind boggles at the notion of May and Kuenssberg in place of Trump and Morgan (someone do it, PLEASE). I mean, how would Kuenssberg get traction with that right slanting crooked mouth of hers? And what if the Vicar farted in the process?

Basically, they're all a gang of reactionary cunts who deserve each other. Plus the derisory laughter coming their way.

Mark said...

Such an idiot. And his co-presenter Susanna Reid seems no better judging by Greg Davies' comments in a recent Richard Herring podcast where he describes her at a charity dinner for MND demanding to know just how many thousands he has personally raised for the cause.

Morgan isn't the only one with his head up Trump's arse again today. In another splendid example of impartiality from our BBC, they gave Nigel Farage airtime on the 1pm news to claim how pro-British Trump is in the wake of his 'no deal' comment in his role of VP of the Leave Means Leave group. Did they allow any comments from the Our Future (remainist) camp of young voters? No, they just pointed the camera in their direction.

I wish the Maybot would just say sod off to Trump. I mean, who the hell wants his chlorinated chicken and inroads into the NHS anyway?

Anonymous said...

The problem is that Morgan lives for a response - you only have to look back at how he recently tried to own the entire argument about women in pop music posting naked images of themselves. Adapting an old adage, to himself it is a case of No Piers is bad news - no matter how much more of a dick it makes him than he already is.

This image is a fantastic work of satire, perfectly illustrating how the majority of the public feel about Peerless Moron, and if it gets under his skin and gives us a response where little else has succeeded then, basically, do not stop. Something about his phone hacking, share dealing, photo faking or his desire to be Trump's lackey - despite being labelled ruthless, arrogant, evil and obnoxious by Trump (who knows one when he sees one, especially in his bathroom mirror).