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Tuesday 20 November 2018

UKIP Stars’ Evening Show CANCELLED

Carl Benjamin, who styles himself Sargon of Akkad, was in buoyant mood when he put out a Facebook post at the weekend, telling his loyal fans “As of writing, despite the best efforts of Mike Stuchbery and North London Antifa, the live even is still on - and Count Dankula is appearing, too!” And what was this live event?
Carl Benjamin

He gave a flavour of the fare on offer: “I thought I'd choose a specific topic for evening, so I decided on Brexit Derangement Syndrome....because we're sure seeing a lot of it lately … We’re appearing at the Irish Community Centre in London on Friday the 23rd, you can grab tickets here”. Two of UKIP’s latest recruits together! Wow! Zap! Dull!
Mark Meechan

But into each life a little rain must fall, and for Benjamin and his new best buddy Mark Meechan, who styles himself Count Dankula, it soon came pouring. As Joe has told, “A London-based Irish charity has cancelled a speaking event featuring prominent members of the so-called British alt-right that was due to take place next week”.
There was more. “Carl Benjamin and Markus Meechan, better known under their online aliases Sargon of Akkad and Count Dankula, were due to speak at a £25-a-ticket ‘night of intellectual stimulation’ and audience Q&A at London Irish Centre in Camden, north London on the 23 November”. WHAT? Pay £25 to hear those two meatheads basking in their appetite for self-aggrandisement? Intellectual stimulation my arse.
So what have the organisers said in explanation? “Following further clarification on event content, which conflicts with the The London Irish Centre Charity's objectives and ethos, plus significant concerns raised by charity stakeholders, clients and the general public, 'An Evening with Sargon' has been cancelled by Sliced Events, the operator of the London Irish Centre venue”. That’s putting it mildly. And here’s why.
As the report also points out, “Meechan rose to fame after posting YouTube video of his girlfriend's pug performing a Nazi salute and reacting to the phrase ‘gas the Jews’”. And Benjamin? He “came to public prominence during Gamergate … He has over 850,00 subscribers to his antifeminist YouTube channel and previously made headlines in 2016 for telling Labour MP Jess Phillip ‘I wouldn't even rape you’ after she described the extent of threats of sexual violence she receives on social media”. Got it in one.
So now, the War Plan Purple Twitter account, believed to be associated with Carl Benjamin, although he has been banned by the platform, is telling “THE SHOW MUST GO ON! November 23rd, London venue to be announced [the] night before”. It’s all veryBlackmail, behind the hot water pipes, third washroom along, Victoria Station”.
All of which has caused one enterprising Tweeter to respond “Great,a rave! Which service station will you be directing everyone to? I'm in”. The only part of the intellect Benjamin and Meechan will be stimulating will be the part generating laughter and ridicule.

Why has UKIP become little more than a laughing stock? Look in the mirror, lads.
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damon said...

It’s terrible the way these Antifa leftists are behaving. Unnearving any establishment that dares to book some people off their “banned list”.
They fly the communist flag on their demos, so anyone to the right of Momentum are “fascists” to them.
They even disingenuously used the term “alt-right” to further confuse and strong-arm the venue.
Those two characters are certainly not “alt-right” and people who insist that they are are just lying.
Count Dankula is actually quite liberal from what I’ve seen of him.
And I did actually bother to watch some of his videos, which is something that the extreme left who throw the accusations around, probably haven’t done.

damon said...

By the way, I’ve just watched Sargon’s latest video this evening and I wonder if there are any people here who would look at it and then say here that it’s exactly those sorts of political ideas that need to be stopped from getting an airing at public events.
That the idea of Sargon and Mark Meechan discussing this kind of thing before a live audience and then taking questions from the floor, is something that can’t be allowed to happen (is that right?)

The video was the one from today and is titled “The Ethical State”.

My own view is, that this sort of free speech should be actively encouraged.
And people who don’t like their ideas should debate them and tell them why.

Stephen said...

You don't debate with pricks like that.

“alt-right” was a term coined by the hard right, to make them seem more trendy; now they're trying to distance themselves from it. "Free Speech Extremist seems to be the new one; though they don't have much time for the free speech of the owners of venues who refuse to allow them to stage their "Epic" event, or the people who contact them.

Though, as someone who's not read Mein Kampf, I know nothing about Hitler's or any other right winger's philosophy, so I can't really comment on this.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the tickets will sell out in minutes like Glastonbury? Me neither.

But watching one of these loons video's and declaring that they are innocent enough to need airing and get discussed is just the sort of thing you'd expect from one o their followers. Showing them to a paying audience legitimises their views; taking questions about the vids and their views is something that you just know will only be entertained from a select, on message few unless it is demonstrated that the questioner is a believer - no nasty lefties who sneaked in to ask those difficult questions that would embarrass these 'Great White dopes' before their followers.

No, on the whole I am guessing that they will try to keep the venue secret until the last moment in case the management discover who they are hosting - unless there is a meeting of hate-filled minds who (for commercial reasons) don't want the news to come out too early.

damon said...

OK Stephen, you don’t fancy debating them, but others might.
You’re suggesting that they shouldn’t even be allowed to hold the event though.
That’s going a whole lot further.

The Alt-right might have coined the term for themselves, but it’s the Richard Spencer racist types that are the “owners” of that title I believe.
The “dishonest left” is using it on anyone they don’t like. That guy Sargon is most certainly not a racist “ethno-nationalist” or whatever the word is. But calling him Alt-right suggests that he is. It’s really annoying and so underhand that the left behave this way.

@Anonymous: you think you should be the judge about what political and cultural events should be allowed?
As much as I’m not actually a fan of either of these two people, I’d prefer to listen to them more than the appalling Antifa and the ultra leftists who’ve hijacked decent leftism.

Who’s next up to be labled “Alt-right” and a fascist? Possibly that guy Brendan O’Neill from Spiked-online.
It’s definitly the direction of travel at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, damon. It was definitely the "direction of travel" in Germany, circa 1931. And in Italy and Spain.

Not, apparently, that you'd understand that analogy.

Like Boenhoffer, I stopped arguing with Nazis when they became too stupid to argue with.

damon said...

Yep Anonymous, you seem to have the New Left’s view of “Nazis” and “Fascists” pretty much down pat there.

Anyone you don’t agree with is a potential Nazi that has to be stopped “By any means necessary”.

Hence Antifa and the witch hunt’s against people from the so-called “Intelectual Dark Web”.
Which I think is quite an amusing name to have given to those people. Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson etc. Probably Sargon too.

But I actually agree with an article I read last night, titled:

“The Left’s Accusation That The Right Is Fascist Is Simply Psychological Projection”

It’s worth looking up as it gets right to the center of this subject.
The left has gone AWAL and is stumbling around incoherently, lashing out at perceived Nazis everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, damon.

As usual.

Just wrong. And more than a little bullet-headed paranoid.

As Tim would say......I'll just leave that one there.

damon said...

@Anonymous, yes do leave it there. No one’s insisting that you debate with anyone. Me or Ukip members or anyone else.
Personally I’m as interested in an anonymous person’s view of politics as I am about whether they like Marmite or not.
What does get my goat a bit though is when sanctimonious lefties set themselves up as gatekeepers for what kind of political ideas should be allowed to be aired in public.
Not ones they want to be a part of, but just be allowed to happen at all.
A bit like some backward country’s lack of religious freedom.
You have to obey what the high priests and mullahs say, and that’s what politics in the West has now become like.
Any group or individual that doesn’t pass the “PC test” may well be banned from holding events.

There was a talk between Yaron Brook and Douglas Murray - chaired by Claire Fox - in London in September and I think it’s likely that such events as that are next on the list to be harassed and shut down.
It’s a mild form of tyranny that we’re experiencing at the moment.

Stephen said...

No one's stopping them from having their silly little wankfest, just saying that they can't force anyone to host it: free speech goes both ways, but it sometimes seems the country is full of right wingers being given platforms to complain about having no platform. In any case, let them buy their own hall and then they can jerk each other off to their hearts' content.

And stop it with that leftist fascist nonsense. It might play with the 16 year olds you're trying to impress, those who've just discovered that the term National Socialists contains the word Socialist, and why has no one ever noticed this before? but you and I both know it for what it is: disingenuous crap.

nparker said...

Damon's a fucking freak, ignore him. He's just bloviating with no sense of what he actually wants to talk about, no sense of the world around him, and no sense of what he's actually trying to respond to. Just a mess of buzzword spewing, identical to every other far right whackjob on the internet. Literally, sounds exactly the same as the rest of his ilk. Get a life, damon. No one's being tyrannised or suppressed, people are doing this thing called 'criticism.' They're also doing this thing called 'not letting you invade their private spaces and spout claptrap.' Deal with it, because your ilk aren't welcome anywhere in the world.

Carl of Swindon, as the post above states, first got his pathetic supposed 'fame' with Gamergate, a terrorist hate campaign that was seemingly one of the bases of this resurgence of white supremacism. They should all be locked away so they can't commit any more terrorist activities. Pathetic wankers who never liked the video games they pretended to care about. Us online feminists have been mocking these claptrap mongers for years, because laughter is the best disinfectant. Light certainly is not.