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Thursday 29 November 2018

Tommy Robinson Lies To Incite Hatred

After the attack on a teenage Syrian refugee at a school in Huddersfield became news yesterday, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, became seriously agitated at the thought that his name was being associated with the incident. But rather than keep his head down, or simply deny involvement - and ask his followers to lay off the usual Muslim hatred - he has decided to fire back.
The problem for Lennon, who loves to call “liar” on others, while slipping out a series of statements on a variety of issues which are not true, is that his first foray into the getting-the-retaliation-in-first arena has backfired badly. He made a series of claims about an attack on a girl pupil at Almondbury Community School which have already been shown to be wrong. And you know what that makes him.

This is what he said yesterday evening. “I now have it as absolute fact … I’ve seen images … of the young girl that he was involved in beating up. This is Jamal, the innocent refugee that you people - or people out there - have raised £100,000 for. A young girl was beaten badly by Muslim girls. While those Muslim girls were beating her up, Jamal was involved”.
There was more. Rather a lot more. “In kicking, in biting her, she was bitten, she was black and blue. She had to be taken out of school and home schooled. She had to leave that school, the same school. Her family have been to the Huddersfield Examiner with all of this. But guess what? They’ve refused to report it”. Then he doubles down.

This Jamal, now that we know he’s not innocent, and he violently attacks young English girls in his school … Jamal isn’t that innocent. After beating up a girl at the school … I would ask what I would have done as a 16-year-old English kid, with this boy terrorising [!] girls in my school. This boy Jamal … threatened to stab him. This Jamal isn’t innocent. He beat a girl black and blue. How come no-one’s telling this?
Well, Stephen, one reason no-one’s telling this is that it’s not true. The mother of the girl has said “It wasn’t him, it was the three girls” … “It was not him, I’m the girl’s mother. It was the girls” … “Look, he didn’t touch [her], I was talking to Tommy about it cos my girl didn’t get the media when she was horrifically attacked. That’s all, end of”. The person making those comments has now deleted her Facebook profile. Along with Lennon’s evidence.
Worse, her comments don’t say the girls who beat up her daughter were Muslims. Nor was there any comment about her daughter being taken out of the school and home schooled. Stephen Lennon’s only source didn’t stand up his claims even before she said it wasn’t the Syrian refugee. There are even claims circulating that the images he saw were fake.
So why is Stephen Yaxley Lennon making, and continuing to make, those claims? Simples. Because it riles up his base. He knows this. He knows what he’s doing. And he ought to know that this is incitement to violence. Nailed on. “The truth” my arse.

I’ve said before that the Tommy Robinson wild west show needs to be taken off social media once and for all. Do we have to wait for another Darren Osborne first?
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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I've forgotten which chapter in Mein Kampf tells prospective Fascist leaders what to do to incite racial and religious hatred?

It is obvious that this moron is following a tick list...

Anonymous said...

The koran does have a "tick list" , 9:5 contravenes the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, but hey, let us pretend it means something else and look elsewhere . ...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 17:42.

If that's the kind of thing that gives you a buzz - try the Bible, Old and New Testaments. It makes the Koran read like the Beano.

Andy McDonald said...

Yes, and the bible advocates keeping slaves. Point being?

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:42
Did you look in the Old Testament for lists that have nothing to do with the article above? Organising a human sacrifice and selling young girls into slavery are right up your street.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be attracting comments from fans of Tommeh recently. I would interpret this as a measure of your success. You're clearly hitting home.
Well done.

Anon 17:11 said...

Anon 17:42 – But there is no one else to compare with that moron for self-aggrandisement, especially where racial and religious hatred is concerned. But wonderful to hear you admit that Hitler’s ‘how to...’ manual is some sort of bible for right wing rabble rousers in the same way the Koran is supposedly regarded.

As for attracting Tommeh fans... I suspect it is just one, maybe two, because –quite apart from the fact that they’d need help with most of the longer words - most of them will have difficulty understanding that running their index finger across the screen beneath each word swipes right and they lose their place.

Anonymous said...

Andy McDonald 19:44.

If you can't see the point I haven't the slightest intention of doing your "thinking" for you.

The same goes for knob head Anonymous at 20:05.

The two of you get off your lazy arses and do some reading of the Bible*. While you're at it it, check out the meaning of "sarcasm", "humour" and "irony".

*Hint: It contains even more superstitious claptrap then the Koran. You'll find a brilliant demolition job on the Bible in Tom Paine's The Age of Reason - published in 1794. I hope this helps......but I doubt it will. Some people are beyond Reason.

Anonymous said...

Point is Koran 9.5 contravenes the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, nobody has contradicted that. Highly relevant when talking about inciting hatred.

You do not have to be a "Tommeh" follower to hold this view. If anyone was serious about incitement and hatred in a civilised society they would insist this verse is removed.

Argue against that men of straw!

Knob Head said...

Anon 21:32
Maybe I'm a dickhead as I cannot see a connection between Sura 9:5 and someone telling a lie about a victim of violence.

Flood said...

Look, these are just two of a number of religious writings that are essentially science fiction (I got detention at school for telling the RE teacher that in a lesson). Some people take them more seriously than others, but all they do is demonstrate the views of the writer/s - which is hard to take when christians insist that theirs is based on kindness and love but their manual for life features incest, child rape, bestiality, murder, slavery, etc. I am sure that this sort of stuff is in the other works of fiction too.

Can I put forward the idea that Tommah is trying for some sort of Jesus comparison? Just wait until he leaves prison and stages his comeback from the 'dead'.

Anonymous said...

Knob Head 10:46.

Yours is the kind of racist claptrap you can hear any day of the week at the end of the bar in some paranoid suburban ale house.

Try these passages in the Bible:

Deuteronomy chapter 7.

Book of Numbers chapter 25, verses 1-13.

Nehemiah 13-23-30.

By your "thinking" that all Christians racists and inciters of violence.

You really are a racist simpleton too stupid to argue with further. And I choose my words carefully.