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Sunday 18 November 2018

Katie Hopkins Racist Royal Jibe BACKFIRES

Temporarily out of the UK - for which we can all give thanks - pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins is attempting to build a following in the USA, telling anyone who will listen that all those Scary Muslims™ are coming to get them, and talking in not always hushed tones about the Judeo-Christian heritage she is trying to protect. But even with her current commitments, she is still able to let slip the jealousy and underlying bigotry.
Viewers may still want to look away now

What set Hatey Katie off this time was the sight of the Duchess of Sussex standing at a first floor balcony overlooking the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. What was so wrong with that? But the Duchess is not 100% Whitey. So Hatey used a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge for comparison. “Again, no competition. You can’t buy class”. 
Was it racist? If it looks racist, smells racist, and comes from a racist, it probably is racist. It also pointed up the gulf in popularity between Meghan and Ms Hopkins, with a fan of the Duchess pushing back “Katie Hopkins is 43 and looks the same age as 62 year old Teresa May. Only 6 years older than Meghan, but she looks like she could be her grandma”.
Having put down that marker, the memes came in thick and fast. Including the one about Ketamine, Katie, and horses. And a notorious photo from the Hopkins archive.
Yes, it was that notorious photo: there were Harry and Meghan alongside Hatey Katie having an al fresco shag in a field, with the comment “Again, no competition. You can’t buy class”. Some Z-list acts really shouldn’t see the snappers invited.
But that was mild compared to some of the memes that Ms Hopkins’ unwise Royal snipe provoked, like one comparing her to Robbie Savage. Not sure the former Leicester City, Birmingham City, Derby County and (inevitably) Crewe Alex player will like that one.
Then it was back to comparing Hatey Katie unfavourably with the Duchess of Sussex. This was not proving difficult, with the wedding dress comparison wheeled out time and again (Ms Hopkins really shouldn’t have pulled her wedding dress stunt at the Tory Party conference). One observer mused “Like I told you in your previous tweet just after the wedding, I AGREE! There's no competition, you can't buy class. No doubt about it! How old are you? Just 43? Hmm”. That age comparison kept coming up.
Including from a Tweeter in Houston, TX, who took one look and concluded “Apparently you can’t buy decent skin care. How is it possible that you’re a year younger than me and look older than my mom? Is it the racism? It’s probably the racism”.
And a comparison of Hatey Katie with Meghan watching the Remembrance ceremony? It had to come, one Tweeter agreeing “Yup, no competition whatsoever!” before differentiating between the “Lady” and the “Tramp”. Which was which? Have a guess.
But the pièce de résistance came from someone who cited Ms Hopkins’ insolvency agreement. Can’t buy class? Er … “You can’t buy anything”. BOOM! Ouch!
If she’s having such a good time in the USA, perhaps Katie Hopkins could do us all a favour and not use her return ticket. They think she’s so wonderful, they can keep her.
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The Toffee said...

Hopkins - 43?

You can fuck right off. The age is too low and the IQ's too high.

Mark said...

This post has made my day. Thanks for the giggles everyone

Unknown said...

Sorry Tim, but I don't see how that's racist. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand Hatey Hopkins and she often does make racist comments but that was a case bandwagon jumping rather than racism. I can't stand wannabe mayor Shaun Bailey, not because he's black but because he's a twat. Criticising a person of colour is not always a case of racism.

Mark said...

Unknown @ 9:29.

I disagree I'm afraid. Implying that someone of colour is unable to have class is racist. The bandwagon here is a racist one.

Anonymous said...

Your an idiot. Its entire purpose was to racially agitate.

You are a victim of this new wave of 'nothing can be racist'.

At best its mental retardation.

At worst its a calculated campaign to normalise racism.