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Saturday 17 November 2018

Tommy Robinson’s Ground Force Moment

Unable to get into the USA - the criminal record may not have helped - Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has had to turn to other means for occupying his time. After his attempt to stick his bugle in to the affairs of a South Wales school earlier this week garnered severely adverse comment, The Great Man then turned his attention to the so-called Football Lads’ Alliance.
So it was that he began a Facebook Live session this afternoon. But this was a campaign destined to develop not necessarily to his advantage, which might explain why the session has vanished from his Facebook page. It seems that Lennon is not quite as universally popular as he would like his devoted followers to believe.
Fortunately, the ever-vigilant Luke Collins has captured the moment when Lennon has his Ground Force moment. “Today, Luton are having a day out … It’s a football day out” explains Lennon, before going on “There are four men within the crowd trying to politicise it”. As opposed to Stephen Lennon, who wouldn’t politicise anything, honestly.
But do go on. “They tried to hold up a banner against the FLA. None of these men have come here today …” and then he was interrupted. Lennon can be heard asking them “Do you go football? Do you go football?” before trying to resume his rant. “Some lads who are not …” and then it seems the Ground Force moment arrived.
That meant Decking. Live on video. It seems someone smacked Lennon, and he fell over. In the melée, all that The Great Tommy can be heard saying is “Where’s my bodyguard gone? Where’s my fucking bodyguard?” Yes, the same person whose followers talk of “facing someone like a man” needs a bodyguard. 
But not to worry, Tommy fans, The Great Man then posted another video - also since deleted - claiming that the number of men trying to unfurl a banner had fallen to two or three. And that he was all right. Even though he was wiping his mouth, as someone might have done after being in a scrap. And anyway, Luton were winning.

Polite conversations? Great persuader? Aspiring serious politician? Media personality? Family values campaigner? Truth seeker? No, just a career criminal and cheap thug.
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ISKRA said...

It looks like those on the periphery of the Tommeh cult & many, once loyal, cultists are getting the wake up call and realising they've been conned by a career fraudster. There is easily searchable and well documented proof that Yaxley's real intent is to ignite a race war in the UK. For those few who may welcome that outcome, they should be cognisant that there will be no 'leading from the front'by Tommeh if things turn 'real', as today's frisson demonstrated.

Anonymous said...

I cannot possibly condone violence.

But if "Tommy" thinks that's bad......wait until he does a spell in The Slammer.

Meantime, oh my aching sides.

Anonymous said...

So... Is he going to be allowed to take his bodyguard with him when he goes down?

But seriously, this is the guy the thug element of the fascist right wing have their hopes pinned on - it does give you a wonderful sense of gratitude for his character, since something like that might have helped someone like him handled differently.

Anonymous said...

Well at least he is out there, accountable in full public view unlike the covered cowards that infest ANTIFA . .. ...ustase in waiting

Anonymous said...

So you post under 'Anonymous' you absolute fucknugget

Chris jf said...

"accountable"? So Mr anonymous, who funds yaxley-lennon? Thanks in advance.