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Friday 30 November 2018

Tommy Robinson Facing Legal Action

The moment of truth for Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, came yesterday. The non-journalist, serial criminal, and even more serial liar found that his attempt to stick his bugle into the case of a teenage Syrian refugee attacked on a school playing field in Huddersfield had come back to bite him, as the boy’s family decided enough was enough, and that they were instructing solicitors to begin a defamation action.
As Qasim Rashid put it, “Jamal’s family to sue convicted violent felon Tommy Robinson for his public lies accusing Jamal of committing ‘Muslim violence’ against white British kids Robinson’s lies are causing physical harm. That’s not free speech - that’s radicalizing youth”. One Tweeter responded “Great news. A fully grown man libelling a 15 y/o refugee to try and legitimise the actions of a kid that strangled him. Nasty little racist”.
He won’t like that. Perhaps he’ll try and have one of his “polite conversations” with her. But the solicitor’s letter, delivered via email, is real enough, telling Lennon “We have been made aware of two videos posted to your Facebook page, one on 28 November 2018 and a further video posted today 29 November 2018. These videos contain a number of false and defamatory allegations in respect of our client”. And there is more.
We wish to place you on notice that our client intends to pursue legal action against you in respect of the contents of these publications and you will shortly be receiving formal pre-action correspondence in this respect … In the meantime, we request that the publications concerned are removed immediately, as they are causing ongoing damage to our client”.

Lennon’s videos have been removed. He has suggested Facebook Done It, but then, to admit otherwise would be to lose face with all his adoring followers. He has been otherwise defiant, attempting to smear the solicitors’ firm involved - that will get him precisely nowhere in court - and claim he was right all along.
He has now told those followersIf you’re the solicitor that’s suing me, I don’t give a shit. I’ve got the messages, I’ve got the conversations, for all of the log, with the Mum, Dad, who told me clearly that their daughter was violently attacked by Jamal. I also have another pupil, as well as another brother from that school that told me exactly the same story, and this is the information that I shared”. This is total crap.
The Zelo Street post from yesterday shows just how little Lennon had to go on. But he had more to tell his audience. “Solicitor’s letters may silence, and you may wish for a whole country to only hear one side of the story [this from the person who said he was suing a number of targets for defamation] … that won’t work here”.
Well, Stephen, you just have to hope that those sources you claim to have are actually real people, and are prepared to appear in your defence. Because if they aren’t, you’re screwed. Slagging off the solicitors’ firm just constitutes time wasting. Telling your audience that Jamal’s attacker has been subjected to all manner of privations has no relevance to that legal action. And you can’t just ignore it.

Just remember what happened to your pal Katie Hopkins. Then say sorry.
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Anonymous said...

That is a shame. When he quietly pleads guilty and asks for all those other offences to be taken into consideration won't that effectively wipe his slate clean?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear "Tommy".

Justice is closing in on you......

With some luck, soon you'll be able to "Not give a shit" while locked up in the Scrubs for 23 hours a day for many, many days.

But you can always imagine you're in Landsberg Prison in 1924. That should help you through the "difficult" nights.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he's willing to bet his million pound house on the outcome?

Flood said...

Do you think it will wipe that smug, self-satisfied grin off his stupid face?

Me neither. All that will happen is he will scream 'victim!' again and his followers will whine it was a set up to trap him.