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Saturday 4 August 2018

Tommy Robinson Prison Racism EXPOSED

One one subject, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, is consistent: he is not racist, and is prepared to make 300 mile round trips from Bedfordshire to Crewe on successive nights to make his point. But his recent stay at HMP Onley, near Rubgy, had revealed that this might not be the case after all.
Lennon was released earlier this week to great fanfare among his pals out there on the right, culminating in an appearance on the Thursday evening show hosted by Tucker Carlson on Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse). Here, he likened his stay at HMP Onley to Guantánamo Bay. But his own accounts of prison life show otherwise.

Nor have the interventions of his various hangers-on helped matters, especially that of vicious creep Caolan Robertson, who claimed “Tommy Robinson has just revealed he was placed in a cell OPPOSITE the prision mosque. Where excrement was thrown through his door often. As well as screams and taunts by the high Muslim population. This was clearly set up to destroy his mental health”. There is no mosque at HMP Onley.
Then there is Lennon’s weight loss, which he is blaming on, well, everyone else. He “claimed he lost 40lb, eating one tin of tuna and a piece of fruit a day in solitary confinement”. But one of three Prisoner’s Formal Complaint forms which Lennon has published on his Facebook page show that his eating régime was self-inflicted.

Here, he tells “I don’t eat the prison food as I can’t see if anything is done to it as server [?] may know it’s coming to my cell. I’m paranoid so I rely on tinned food from the canteen”. Food was provided for him; it was his decision not to eat it.
On another occasion, he complains “I don’t feel anything is being done to accommodate me some sort of normal régime. If I am to be locked up for 23 hours a day for my own protection then I should be allowed extra visits”. But a Prison Service spokesman has said “Mr Yaxley-Lennon was treated with the same fairness we aim to show all prisoners - he had access to visits, television and showers - and it is totally false to say he was held in 'solitary confinement’”. The two claims cannot both be true.
But it is when he complains about the make-up of HMP Onley’s prison population that Lennon lets the mask slip. “They have moved me from Hull with a 7% Muslim population to  here where 1 in 3 prisoners are Muslim. I’d like to know how that move could have happened considering you have a duty of care for my safety. Now you are punishing me with no TV because someone decided to play with my life”.

He then asks “I’d like to be given a TV as I feel I am being mentally tortured”. All this will go down a storm with his fans, and more credulous media outlets, but the question has to be asked - what happened to make him say someone “decided to play with my life”?

Moreover, where the form asks “Does your complaint have a racial aspect?” he has ticked the box marked YES. He’s banged on ad infinitum, and indeed ad nauseam, about how he isn’t a racist and it’s only about Scary Muslims™. But here is is admitting it’s about race.

The questions will keep on coming about Stephen Lennon’s stay at HMP Onley - until we get answers. Meanwhile, though, good to see him admit it really is about race.

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Unknown said...

He means that he is a victim because he is white , that is why he is being threatened, because he is white.

Anonymous said...

Tommy can thank his lucky stars he didn't get to meet Sweet Pants in the showers.

Which may yet happen.

With some luck.

Grev Williams said...

LOL but no.

Sarah said...

Bottom left of the complaints form says HMP Kingston, which closed down in 2013.

Tepid Halibut said...

English literature has given us many classic opening lines. Dickens' "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...". Bulwer-Lytton's "It was a dark and stormy night...". Banks'"It was the day my grandmother exploded."

Well, now we have a new classic from James Delingpole, "Unless Robinson is lying – which I doubt – this is the only logical conclusion to be drawn from the accounts he gave...".

Students of philosophy and Eng Lit will be marching over to https://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/08/03/delingpole-tommy-robinson-was-abused-and-tortured-with-the-complicity-of-the-british-state/ to try and understand the morale dimension to this conclusion.

Unknown said...

with reference to HMP Kingston comment , the forms were printed there whilst it was open. Form looks legit, but as blog implies posting them up does more harm than good to his case. Another own goal

Unknown said...

You're right that's why he ticked the box some can't see the end of theire nose 7% Muslim yo a 30 or 40 % high fucking profile murdering Muslim population lol