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Tuesday 14 August 2018

Dan Hodges Goysplaining FAIL

Although, as I pointed out earlier, Labour poll ratings are holding up whatever our free and fearless press slings at Jeremy Corbyn, there are plenty around the media establishment ready and willing to smear the Labour leader every which way they can, not least the Mail on Sunday’s not even slightly celebrated blues artiste Whinging Dan Hodges.
He's desperate, Dan

Desperate Dan may not be going through many cow pies, but he’s certainly shipping plenty of bull right now, telling anyone who will listen “Up until tonight, Labour's anti-Semitism has been a matter of national shame. Now it has become the focus of international shame. The whole world is watching now”.
Given his propensity to make the wrong call, it should surprise no-one that the next opinion poll published after Hodges’ consultation of the I Ching showed Labour gaining two percentage points and leading the Tories. Also, he was being subjected to routine and justifiable ridicule, as one Tweeter quipped “I see Dan and Katie Hopkins are in sync”.
Worse, Hodges’ wayward punditry was not finding him many friends among those Jewish voices for whom he was, at least by inference, claiming to speak. Michael Rosen was one of many voicing dissenting as he concluded “Loving Dan Hodges’ deep concern in behalf of Jews today. This is the guy who racialises his abuse by calling people ‘useful Jewish idiots’. He opposes antisemitism with…antisemitism”. What say Dan to that?
Well, he wasn’t going to listen, that was for sure, replying “Tweet whatever you like Michael. I'm going to keep standing alongside the Jewish community on this issue. Sorry that offends you”. Er, Dan … you do know Michael Rosen is … oh, forget it.
Meanwhile, the Hodges attempts to call racism on others were rebounding, as Jews Sans Frontières confirmed. “You're saying the Jewish community is a corporation which exists independently of Jews in general. You're being racist on 2 counts. Your approved Jews support the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians as you do & you're abusive to Jews as Jews who oppose all forms of racism”. Or, in other words, Ouch!
Michael Goldman was not keen on having Hodges standing anywhere in his vicinity, thanks. “I'd rather somebody, who refers to somebody as a useful Jewish idiot, not stand alongside me, thank you. Have you apologised yet?” To which the answer is, no he hasn’t. Being Dan Hodges means never having to say sorry for anti-Semitic lapses.
And Goldman was not the only Jewish voice not impressed by having Desperate Dan standing alongside him: Harry Tuttle retorted “Stop seeking to speak for me. You are the antisemite here. Stop abusing my ethnicity for your factional games”. Quite.
Hodges’ latest failure was taking on the look of a total clusterfuck (no change there). So it was no surprise when Kerry-Anne Mendoza rocked up to put the lid on the whole mess. “Non-Jewish Dan Hodges attempting to goysplain the feelings of the Jewish community to Jewish Michael Rosen. Neoliberals haven’t so much jumped the shark as launched it into fucking space”. “Neoliberal” being a kind way of saying “clueless floor-crosser”.
Dan Hodges’ interventions are an outstanding success. But only for Jeremy Corbyn.
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helenpcourtevidenceprivate said...

Dan Hodges and David Lammy have both been tweeting highly toxic and disingenuous propaganda against Corbyn. This unwarranted invective does nothing but prove that both Hodges and Lammy shouldn't be in public office or journalism and neither are fit to
be read or heard from again. By contrast Corbyn has proven himself to have integrity, sincerity and dignity.

Anonymous said...

Hodges obsession with Corbyn borders on mental illness

Anonymous said...

The more this anti-Corbyn media evil insanity continues, the more support he will gather. Its manifestations are now way beyond disgusting.

Last night's Newsnight was a particularly corrupt effort, fronted as usual by that grotesque right wing gnome Davis.

Still, there's some mild amusement to be had watching the hapless editorial propaganda efforts on the main "news bulletins". It is now so obvious even the sell-out puppets fronting this garbage look like they don't know whether to shit, shave or shampoo.