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Thursday 9 August 2018

Nadine Dorries Defends Boris - BADLY

Some people have difficulty seeing their own hypocrisy, and one of those best-known for this shortness of sight is Mid-Bedfordshire’s Tory MP (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries, serial defender of London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. The fragrant Nadine denounced Young Dave and his sidekick George Osborne as “two posh boys who didn’t know the price of a pint of milk”. So what about Bozza?
But Bozza, more posh that George, on a par with Cameron, and who doesn’t know the price of anything in the weekly shop, because he has people to do that sort of thing for him, not only gets a free pass from Ms Dorries, she is prepared to slavishly shill for him.
This involves a mixture of deflection, falsehood and misinformation, as she tells anyone prepared to listen “Boris who was elected as Mayor twice? Delivered the Olympics, Boris bikes, kept Londoners safe, banished bendy buses, reinvigorated the city, that Boris?” The Olympics secured by his predecessor, the bike scheme his predecessor had ready to go when Bozza arrived at City Hall? Water cannon? Garden Bridge? Vanity cable car?
Keeping Londoners safe” by cutting Police numbers and then dumping the problem on his successor? The bendy buses that were demonised as cycle killers, but never actually killed one? The bendy buses replaced by overweight, overpriced vanity sweat boxes? All rounded off with the meaningless soundbite “reinvigorated the city”.
Still, on to Bozza’s forthright bigotry. “Any clothing a woman is forced to wear which hides both her beauty and her bruises should be banned and have no place in our liberal, progressive country … No woman in a liberal, progressive society should be forced to cover up her beauty or her bruises. Boris didn’t go far enough. France, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, they aren’t on their knees in apology”. This is total drivel.
Is Ms Dorries accusing Muslim women of covering up spousal abuse? Oh, and it’s not about how liberal we are, or how apologetic. It’s about Bozza using language verging on incitement, and encouraging the far-right. It’s not about “forcing” anyone to do anything.
Not that she was for listening. “This is what the government attitude should be. Speak out and support these suppressed women instead of supporting clothes that a woman is dictated she should wear, imprison a and make her a slave to a male dominated religion”. It still isn’t about “suppressed” anything. It’s about making Muslim women, who already suffer attacks because of their clothing choices, the target of hate mobs.
But on she drones. “You cannot expect a society that celebrates gay pride and embraces gay marriage to live harmoniously when condoning the suppression of women forced to cover up, segregate and become invisible”. Wanting Muslim women to be able to feel safe in public is not “suppression”. Nobody wants to look over there, thanks.
She wasn’t listening. “What No10 has done, is fallen to its knees in deference to the noises off and failed to take an educated view as to how Britons feel about women being isolated and hidden from view”. Nadine Dorries taking an educated view? Get the diary out.

Boris Johnson is a racist bigot. Anyone defending him is therefore defending a racist bigot. And the deflection ain’t making it. Don’t insult the electorate’s intelligence, Ms Dorries.

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Anonymous said...

Islam doesn't force women to cover themselves. But doubtless some extremists or individuals do, just as some Christian and Jewish extremists force their own loopy interpretations inside their own factions.

If a Muslim woman chooses hijab covering, that's her business except where essential security is concerned. I think it's daft, but not nearly as daft as tattoos, body piercings, doing drugs and watching toe-curling soap operas. Or, for that matter, rosary beads, bible-bashing or priests in medieval dress.

Just leave the girls alone. The nonsense will evolve out sooner or later. It's their choice. Just as it's other girls choices to wear dresses that start somewhere near their crotch and end just above their nipples.

Not that softshite Dorries would understand any of that.

Sam Best said...

She's banging on, on Twitter saying that certain clothing styles (burka etc) should be banned. Which is basically the policy of the Taliban- dictating to women what they can and cannot wear.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of muslims in the MSM supporting Boris, they can't be racist but l presume they are bigots. Or perhaps they are real progressives unlike some folk just using this to heap bile on someone they dislike.

Jonathan said...

They don't call her Mad Nad for nowt, scared the living daylights out of jungle animals in the Australian Outback whilst moonlighting as an MP.

In fact we should be weary of men and women in suits, who crashed the economy, lied about Brexit, try and sell dodgy financal products.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

'Nadine? Honey is that you?'

May I be the 950th to say that, in the case of Ms Dorries at least, burqas don't seem such a bad idea after all.

Ed said...

Three words: Olympic Delivery Authority