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Monday 20 August 2018

Tommy Robinson Facebook Paranoia

Never out of the spotlight for long, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has since his release from HMP Onley continued to rage at all those Scary Muslims™, the media who won’t report in the way in which he wants them to, and otherwise relentlessly maintained the promotion of Himself Personally Now.
While berating the Daily Mail for having someone snoop on him while on holiday in Tenerife - it’s OK for Lennon to harass others, remember, but not when it happens to him - the former EDL head man has been building up a head of steam for a campaign against Facebook. Because he thinks Facebook is out to get him.
You think I jest? Yes, he got kicked off Twitter, and now he’s fighting what is likely to be an unequal battle with Facebook. “Facebook are preventing some from sharing my video of me questioning the daily mail journalist who had been photographing my family on our holiday” he claimed. Someone had received the message “We removed this post because it looks like spam and doesn’t follow our Community Standards”.
Then came the paranoia. “Facebook are removing this video from people’s time lines. Share it everywhere . The mail are doing the governments work by harassing my family & now social media are trying to prevent people from seeing me ask him simple questions”. The Government is behind the Mail hack’s appearance! Wow! Who knew?
Soon, someone else was getting “We removed this post because it looks like spam to us. If you did post this and don’t believe that it’s spam, you can let us know”. Lennon observed “The censorship continues”. Yes, they were clearly out to get him.
Then came the inevitable claim. “I am getting so many messages from people informing me facebook are removing their post if they share any of my videos. This is Facebook fully censoring my page. To counter this I would ask you to share ALL my posts”. And what was it about? Yes, “#FreeSpeech”. And he wasn’t finished yet.
In the last week Facebook have been removing hundreds of shared posts informing the users that they have been removed as suspected spam. All part of stopping the message. Now they are sending people random surveys on me and my page? They will probably prevent you sharing this but what the hell SHARE so people can see what is happening”. Once again, he claimed it was about free speech. Except it wasn’t.
Facebook, like Twitter, is a commercial organisation which can, and does, enforce its own standards when it comes to content. It does not have to apply the First Amendment, nor indeed any other free speech provision made by any other Government. Lennon and his pals abuse those standards, they leave themselves open to sanction. End of story.
Stephen Lennon will have to just comply with Facebook’s standards - like millions of others do - if he wants to keep on pushing posts like “Tommy is currently in the process of writing his latest book, for any of you who want to read his autobiography you can purchase it here to hear his side of the story, meet & understand the man behind the headlines”. 

That’s his real concern - not being able to push his brand and keep the money rolling in. But he’s not paranoid, because the Government really is out to get him. Or maybe not.
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Stephen said...

God, one of those people who speaks of himself in the 3rd person as well. An all-round bounder.

Neil said...

Infamy, infamy, the MSM's got it infamy.

Esau said...

Never thought I'd see this blog support the Mail! The "journalist" is James King and like so many of these brave people prefers to run away when asked to explain their actions and defend the morality of them.

I have a sneaking feeling this might cut too close to the bone to appear on this "independent" blog!

Tim Fenton said...


The post is not defending the Mail.

It is concerned with Stephen Lennon's attack on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

The Mail is gutter press and will happily chase people on holiday despite claiming that it would never ‘pap’ anyone again after the Diana incident (crocodile tears!). His kids do not deserve to be the subject of a Mail story or photograph (even if the faces were blurred out to preserve their identities), although I don’t doubt that every story will mention the value of the house they live in (that is the Mail for you). Mind you, his kids don’t deserve the kind of hatred they will observe from being in a home that has Tommy Robinson - or their father - in it.

I wonder if we could push for a figure on the number of people asking him about censorship. More or less than ten, do you think? And why has he still got a Facebook page if he has been kicked off?

Tim Fenton said...


This post is still not about the Mail. It will not be about the Mail, no matter how many people pretend otherwise.

As you were.