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Wednesday 1 August 2018

Boris New Tory Fave - ER, HELLO

Conservative Home has news for all those leadership challenge watchers this morning, and it is that readers of this site are as detached from reality as ever. “Our Survey. Next Tory Leader. Johnson more than triples his score to come top - for the first time since 2016proclaims the headline. And there was more.
A total Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

From the moment he resigned over Theresa May’s new Brexit policy, Boris Johnson was always going to get an uplift in our Next Tory Leader poll … A month ago, before the Chequers Cabinet meeting and the Brexit White Paper, he was Foreign Secretary - tied to a policy which he clearly didn’t believe in, and having failed to quit over Heathrow expansion.  He was fifth in the survey, languishing on eight per cent … Now, his rating has almost quadrupled, and he is top of the poll”. Well, whoopee-do.
Bozza may be popular with ConHome readers, but outside in the real world, his past achievements are beginning to catch up with him. Like that vanity bus that is definitely not a Routemaster, where the summer heat has had the usual result: “If you've never been in a sauna or Turkish bath in your life. Don't worry, TFL's routemaster will ensure you melt in this weather … I experienced as a passenger unbearable heat last week in a new routemaster design #TfL #38 bus. How the driver was feeling I dread to think. Current @MayorofLondon needs to rectify former Mayor @BorisJohnson criminal decision”.
Those comments were typical. So were “Surely no coincidence that Boris Routemaster buses are the most unpleasant tubs of hot, foul air that we endure in London? Another vanity project screwing us of sense and sanity … Boris’ redesigned Routemaster buses are like a form of torture. In this heat it is like travelling inside an electric heater. You can tell Boris never had to use one … Just boarded a sweltering hot, poorly designed, over-priced Boris Johnson New Routemaster Bus and am overwhelmed with Brexit allegory: simplistic 1950s nostalgia with little thought for detail, financial sustainability or real human experience”. Still want him as party leader, ConHome readers?
These people maybe don’t: “Just had to get off a sweltering Boris #Routemaster after 10 minutes because it was hotter than a sauna. A symbol of incompetence … Boris should be tried at The Hague for the routemaster heat situation … Trying not 2pass out on this hot stuffy routemaster bus. To think Londoners got roped in2 this vanity project buses by the former mayor”. Those are real people talking, ConHome readers. And real voters.
But at least the buses actually got built, all 1000 of them, which is more than can be said for the Garden Bridge - £50 million down the drain and nothing to see for it. Now there are calls being made for a public inquiry into the fiasco, and a recent legal opinion has concluded that the trustees of the project could face legal action.
So what do you think, ConHome readers? Fancy a bit of that coming back to bite your preferred Tory leader? Along with the vanity cable car, the water cannon that couldn’t be used, the cronyism, the ridiculous Arcelor Mittal Orbit, the bargain basement deal that West Ham United got with the London Stadium, and the eight years farting around not ordering new tube trains because of pretending they could be driverless?

You want Bozza to be the next Tory leader - you can guarantee that his past will come back to haunt him. So you have to ask yourselves one question - do you feel lucky?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone from Conservative Home has seen this New York Times piece yet?
"Boris Johnson Has Ruined Britain"
“He knows that the verdict of history is about to come down on him — and bury him.”

Anonymous said...

Nobody outside the M25 gives a fuck that London's drowning in its own greed and polluted air.

Jonathan said...

Boris the narcissitc sociopath and world class idiot, to call him a clown old be insulting to the great profession of clowning and I'm sure Elmo would be incensed that his friends are associated with Boris.
Everything Boris does, like much of the right wing neocons is to promote his on brand. Nothing about public service or putting the needs of others before his own.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous

Geez mate, its just London. Perfectly pleasant place. The bile is a little ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Johnson was “tied to a policy which he clearly didn’t believe in”? Hang on. Isn’t he remembered as the Brexit leader who didn’t believe in Brexit? I would call him a two face hypocrite, but I am sure he has more faces than there are days in the week, maybe even days in a month, that he uses whenever he sees fit.

@Anon 11:49 – you might not regard London highly, but their crazy voting did show us that putting Johnson in a position of authority was, as many people predicted, utterly stupid.

Anonymous said...

Come on Tim, as a transport enthusiast surely you can see the Borisbus is a gem. Travelling around London daily on them is a treat and gives visitors the sense that they are in a world class city on a world class bus. Remember the bendi-buses or try out one of the awful SP class Scania's on the 111 if you think Boris should have bought cheap buses. When it comes to transport sadly Khan is clueless compared to Johnson, who wanted to give Londoners the buses the best city in the world deserved.

Tim Fenton said...


The Boris Bus is a dead duck.

Overweight, overpriced, no solution to fare evasion (one reason for withdrawing bendy buses), no export potential, no other operator wants them, even London's operators didn't want them - which is why TfL had to buy them.

Their air cooling system is inadequate and even with opening windows retrofitted, the upper deck smells of stale sweat and piss on a warm day. As well as being unbearably hot. Not a good advert for London.

Another of Bozza's monumental wastes of public money.

Anonymous said...

Both drivers and passengers l meet daily would disagree with you. "Like driving a cloud" l heard at Fulwell!

Tim Fenton said...


No. Just no. The litany of complaints about the air cooling system inadequacy is clear. Also, the ride quality is constrained by the vehicles' high weight - among other shortcomings. London should not be wasting money on 1,000 white elephants.

The only cloud that would be driven around is one of ... more stale sweat and piss.