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Wednesday 15 August 2018

Rachael Swindon Stalker REVEALED

[Update at end of post]

Yesterday, the right-wing press once again sent an emissary to harass the Labour activist known as Rachael Swindon. The Daily Mail had already visited; this time it was a creep called Alex Shipman representing the Murdoch Sun. That much was intrusive and had no justification at all; there is no public interest in harassing someone merely because they support one particular party. But something far nastier was to come.
Rachael has what can only be called a stalker. This term is not used lightly, but the obsessive behaviour he exhibits towards her, the attempts at control and manipulation, the encouragement of others to join the pile-on, and the perverse pleasure at seeing his work rewarded, all point to one conclusion. He is called Simon, and is otherwise anonymous.
A selection of Simon's encouragements

Simon Retweets others obsessed with Rachael; you can see a selection of their observations as endorsed by him above. Her having to resort to crowdfunding because of benefit delays is the fuel in their obsession; the evidence-free conclusion that she is on the fiddle is universal to them all, as is their search to do a little harm.
Simon’s motivation is, as with so many out there on the right, an irrational fear of the Labour leadership. Hence his weighing in over Wreathgate: “Great to see these lefties having their leader shown for what he really is”. He Retweets UKIP representatives like Peter Whittle, and Islamophobes like Richard Kemp. But Rachael is his true obsession.
I do wonder why anyone would listen to rachael_swindon when even her own local council voted tory. She can't even convince her own so called townsfolk let alone the rest of people” he sneered, rather missing the point. And he’s watching her PayPal donors.
Same time same place tomorow. 13 months, then 18 months what next. The last page was closed down nearly a year ago, don't throw your money away...... #benefitcheat … Another idiot parts with her hard earned money. This money grabbing scam is a great way to earn untaxed income.. Poor Tracy fell for the lies”. Then came the doorstepping.
Here we see the truly creepy side of Simon. “Great to see the sun @alexjshipman following up on my lead. Have no fear, there are lots more coming. Playing football with kids and needs full time care. Nice car getting valeted. Amazing what paypal money gets you. The net is closing in.. We are coming for you”. You and who else, saddo?
He's not a stalker, but ... OH WHAT A GIVEAWAY

Then, for all those who thought calling Simon a stalker was excessive, came “Neither weird gutless or stalker. Happy to meet in Swindon fave [sic] to face and tell you to your face what your [sic] doing is wrong. Given you won't do that or answer questions, who is the gutless one”. He’s not a stalker but he wants to meet his prey.
And remember, he’s made his pile, right? “#ARSMCI Being away doesn't stop me watching the #Arsenal need a good performance today though”. Yeah, look as this exclusive setting somewhere sunny and warm. He’s got LOADSAMONEY!

What the Sun did to Rachael Swindon was nasty. But the stalker who sent them is far nastier. Social media encourages all sorts of obsessives. I’ll just leave that one there.

[UPDATE 1050 hours: Stalker Simon has changed his Twitter handle. But his tendency to braggadocio, combined with an inability to understand that these things have a habit of cutting both ways, may not serve him well.
He wants everyone to know he's still in Singapore, because he's dead important, and then threatens Rachael with more doorsteppings.
And then he talks of there being "more and more journalist attention", without realising that he has left enough clues for some of that attention to rebound on him.

The stalker need not always have his brain engaged. And this one certainly hasn't]

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Anonymous said...

So the nasty stalker changed his Twitter handle last night, no doubt thought he was being clever and would dodge all those who reported him to Twitter for abuse / threats as @simonr1972

Well @bobsimon1972 can run but he can't hide. Tweet URLS stay the same, no matter how many changes of name there are.

'We are coming for you'? What a creep.

Anonymous said...

Good grief.

Sounds like a chum of Dacre.

Anonymous said...

His real name begins with D. He is known to police. The account will vanish soon.