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Friday 24 August 2018

Sun Says Corbyn Government Imminent

Most voters would hardly have noticed: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave the Alternative MacTaggart lecture in Edinburgh yesterday, calling for reform of what he called a “failing” news media. A number of ideas were pitched; questions were taken afterwards. But the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun could not let Jezza talk about their industry without doling out a ritual beating. And why? They’re frightened of him. 
So while Tom Mills noted the Staggers commenting “Corbyn's proposals 'are a realistic and sensible look at some of the problems facing public interest journalism in the UK, and look to take a few steps to help tip the scales in its favour.’”, and blagger turned whistleblower John Ford reminded us that Labour remains committed to Part 2 of the Leveson Inquiry, the Sun was preparing to press the nuclear vindictiveness button.
Why this should be was hinted at by Channel 4 News quoting Jezza: “We must...break the stranglehold of elite power and billionaire domination over large parts of our media”. The Murdoch mafiosi heard that loud and clear, and didn’t much like the sound of it.
JEREMY Corbyn was widely mocked last night after he called for a digital ‘sister’ to the BBC to rival Netflix and Facebookthey sneered. And who mocked him? Sadly, the Sun could only find one rent-a-quote MP, Tory Nigel Evans (another of those on That Spreadsheet). But then they claimed “Experts also blasted his plans”. How many experts? Just one, from the Adam Smith Institute, so he wasn’t.
But they weren’t finished: a petulant editorial continued the punishment beating, howling “JEREMY Corbyn’s sole motive in ‘changing the media’ is to silence a hostile Press … The giveaway was when he attacked broadcasters yesterday for following up Sun stories. ‘Just because it’s on the front page of The Sun or Mail doesn’t automatically make it news,’ he whined.” So he didn’t attack anyone. And there was more.

Could this be because recent front pages have exposed Labour’s racism? That IS news, as page one stories in the two biggest daily papers tend to be”. Two things here. One, what racism? And Two, “page one stories … tend to be [news]”. Ri-i-i-i-ght. Sun Corbyn Czech spy claims - a pack of lies, with no facts to back it up. Mail Muslim fostering attack - a story that also turned out to be substantially untrue.
But do go on. “Britain already has the world’s most vibrant media”. Meaningless drivel. Corbyn’s point about concentration of ownership stands. So does the sad fact that much of what comes out of that concentration of ownership is poor quality journalism which serves the readership so badly that circulations are in freefall across the board.

As to the rest of the editorial, there is little point commenting on crude abuse combined with malicious invention and significant falsehood. But what we can tell is that the Murdoch mafiosi are frightened shitless of a Corbyn Government - because it would, unlike all its predecessors going right back to 1979, not be beholden to the Sun. And Murdoch.

Behind the welter of abuse, there is usually a very simple explanation. That is all.
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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see corrupt media jobsworths getting their comeuppance.

Already you can almost hear their bowel movements as a prelude to disappearing up their own arses while spitting far right hatred.

In short, fuck them.