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Saturday 25 August 2018

Katie Hopkins Handed Her Arse

Still chasing after any and every money-generating activity that flits across her field of vision, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins is still trying to generate outrage, and thus hits and clicks, for Canadian far-right outfit Rebel Media. This has involved her in characteristically paranoid pursuit of all those Scary Muslims™ to the extent that she has brought mostly ridicule raining down on her.
Viewers may still want to look away now

Thus the law of diminishing returns is setting in, which is a troubling prospect when bigotry is the only means Ms Hopkins has of generating revenue. Still, onwards and, er, onwards, eh? “British Muslims - apparently slaughtering animals in their council house back yard …  RSPCA response (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) … Do not let your country fall as we have fallen” she wailed plaintively.
Well, have I got news for Hatey Katie: people have been keeping animals and slaughtering them within the boundaries of their own homes for centuries. It’s got stuff all to do with race and/or religion. Past generations of my own family were participants in this enterprise, which came in very useful during World War 2 rationing.
But on she droned. “Let’s play guess the country. There is a big red clue in here if you are struggling”. Yeah, right. London street signs, London landline phone numbers, London black cabs, UK road markings and signage, English signage on most, if not all, of the shops. So it’s London. What’s her problem? It’s not more racism, is it?
Her reply to one critic - “Thanks Mohammed. Can you refer me to the terrorist attacks committed by Chinese and Italians against my country in the last 5 years?” - confirmed that it was indeed more racism. And so it came to pass that severely adverse comment was passed on Ms Hopkins by a variety of her fellow Tweeters.
Comedian Janey Godley, whose reception for Combover Crybaby Donald Trump was so memorable, put her straight. “I live [on] Great Western Road [in] Glasgow - near a mosque with many Asian food shops, these people are my neighbours not my enemy. The care home my dad was in near the mosque has plenty [of] immigrant staff who treated my dad with care and dignity to his last day. You’re a racist clackwanker”. Ouch!
Darrell Jones was equally tired of the bigotry. “Start of the Edgware Road and has been like this for over 40 yrs. Further up it’s Indian shops and up in Edgware it’s Jewish. Golborne Road is Portuguese, Moroccan, Spanish. London has been a multi cultural city for centuries. If you don’t like it, go back to Devon. #racist”. Good to know where I can score some salt cod and sardine paté next time I’m in London, then.
Oh, and olives. But, as Clive James might have said, I digress. Jan Davies was mostly in agreement with Jones, except … “I'm from Devon - we don't want her either!” Well, it seems Ms Hopkins and her husband succeeded in selling their Exeter house earlier this year, despite the appalling green breakfast room. So who knows?

All of which means Hatey Katie has once again been handed her arse as a result of peddling racist bigotry. Perhaps one day she will finally get the message.
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Anonymous said...

She'll never "get the message".

The woman is a far right dead-end racist moron.

Anonymous said...

Talking of Edgware Road, in the 1980s Westminster Council had to enforce the law that says businesses must display their name/purpose in English because Royal Mail was finding it impossible to deliver mail. I notice the so-called multicultural nature of said road never includes English businesses, but they are there even if they are betting shops staffed by foreigners and registered for tax in Gibraltar. But all the pubs I frequented in the 80s have gone and we have hookah lounges in their place and double parked Mercedes & Rollers on Saturday nights stopping the 16 reaching the pubs of Victoria. They won't drink tapwater, another cultural peculiarity! But to comment on the passing of London and it's people is racist isn't it . .. ...

Anonymous said...

She is nothing, an irrelevance which will be consigned to the dustbin of history. Has no useful purpose and jumps on any bandwagon to further her own agenda. She is best ign p red. Eventually she will fade into obscurity.

Stephen said...

Anon - a lot of the pubs we all frequented in the 80s have gone, but that has nothing to do with foreigners - you can see this blog, somewhere, for further details.

And London has always been a changing city, and it always will be.

Still, and to answer your question, since you're using the old "But to point out this [usually absolute bollocks] these days is racist isn't it?" trick, you probably are racist, yes. And you're probably proud of it.

A Kelly said...

I worked in the lower Edgware Road in the 1970s/80s and the hookah lounges, fancy cars and Lebanese restaurants and businesses where there then. As for the pubs- they were horrible.
Not sure what Anon means about the Royal Mail not able to deliver mail, if the signs were in Arabic, the postman would just go by the numbers of the buildings. And BTW, Darrell Jones missed out the Kilburn area of the Edgware Road- wall to wall Irish.

Anonymous said...

Paddington DO were unable to correctly deliver mountains of mail due to inadequate and illegal business signage, fact, numbers? try finding them even today! Great disco on Sunday nights, I actually lived in the area!

Cheers Steve, l hate everyone equally, will that do for you? That IS a question, it has ? on the end, I was actually stating a fact!

Anonymous said...

I see TF, butchering animals in your backyard is okay is it, happens all the time in Crewe l suppose? If so what have we become?

danny said...

Yep her career over since the "final solution" filth. Good riddance

danny said...

She has

danny said...

Daily Mail reader cliche

Anonymous said...

My parents neighbour breeds rabbits, eating the excess. There have been a few complaints when he goes to slaughter them because there is no silence of the rabbits, and he uses broad anglo-saxon. Apparently he grinds up the bones and uses it with the blood on his roses...

Stephen said...

Most of the pubs in my home town have closed, and there are hardly any foreigns there. Lots of buildings knocked down and new ones in their place as well. Still nothing to do with immigration.

Butchering animals like that was - is - ok, when "we" do it. I know someone who is happy to kill his own chickens. I doubt that he's got a stunning system in place either.

I'm pig sick of all these cretins who discover animal welfare at around the same time as they discover Halal. They're the people who have sniggered at me for being a vegetarian for 40 years, and they can fuck right off with it.

Marco. said...

London has room for everyone. If you want food and culture from all nations it’s here. If you want pie & mash with old style pubs it’s here.
The entire world has moved on since the 80’s, not just London.
In the 80’s a visit up North to see relatives felt like a visit to a foreign land. I’m sure they felt the same when they came south. It’s not just London that’s moved with the times
It’s not better now.
It’s not worse now.
It’s just different.
People having a misty eyed view of the mythical England of the past is what gave kudos to the people who promised Brexit.
We can admire the past but I’d rather not live there.

Rivo said...

@Stephen - Spot on - these cretins have never given two seconds thought to where the meat on their plate comes from, but show them a couple of videos of Scary Muslims(TM) slaughtering an animal and they all of a sudden become the most conscientious animal rights activists you've ever seen. Strangely they never seem to mention kosher meat in their diatribes though...