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Monday 27 August 2018

Farage In IRA Slur On EU

Does the title of this post look familiar? Yes? That’s because it uses the same style used back in 2010 by the Daily Mail, when it saw then Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg performing well in the General Election leadership debates. Back then, it was “CLEGG IN NAZI SLUR ON BRITAIN”, but the post-Dacre headless chicken that is today’s Mail won’t be going there with Nigel Farage, even though his slur has been utterly blatant.
Squeaky getting away with it again finger up the bum time

What Nige has done this time has eclipsed even his outburst from 2015 when he claimed not only that the EU had interfered in Portugal’s assembly election (they hadn’t), but that this was akin to the “Brezhnev Doctrine” and its brutal ending of the “Prague Spring” in 1968. But there were no EU tanks on the streets of Lisbon, and Farage was laughed out of court. Now he’s moved on to making untrue claims about Michel Barnier.

As the Murdoch Times has told its readers, “Nigel Farage has claimed that Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, ‘would like the IRA to become active again’ … The former Ukip leader also accuses the former French foreign minister of ‘almost encouraging Republican terrorism’ … Mr Farage awards a sarcastic ‘full marks’ to the negotiator for exploiting the issue of the Irish border to the EU’s advantage in Brexit talks”.
The Express, still claiming to be a newspaper, joined in. “The former UKIP leader is adamant Mr Barnier has ‘terrified the British establishment’ and stoked fears of a post-Brexit return to terrorist violence in Northern Ireland … He launched his scathing attack on the EU leader as he prepares to re-enter the political fray with the Leave Means Leave campaign”. Michel Barnier is not “the EU leader”, but hey ho.
This is, let us not drive this one around the houses for too long, another malicious pack of lies. Michel Barnier is not “exploiting” anything. But this is par for the course for Mr Thirsty, whose recent activities include shooting his gob off on Fox And Friends First (he’s officially a “contributor” for Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse)), and Retweeting a clip from FNC’s host Tucker Carlson, a rank propagandist of no known principle.
He has had the gall to ask if Labour is now the Nasty Party - soon after he hosted white supremacist Steve Bannon on his LBC show, an event which ended in a shouting match between Bannon, who was clearly not expecting his views to be challenged, and the stations’s political editor. The smear also comes after his enthusiastic backing for Adolf von Batten, an Islamophobic bigot, as leader of UKIP.
And anyone still not sure whether Nigel Farage is a liar, or merely creative with words, need look no further than his brass neck question “Can @JeremyCorbyn tell us how many Labour MPs are working class or have worked in manual labour?” That’s coming from someone who received a private education and spent many years as a City insider, not being working class, or going anywhere near manual labour.
Had Jezza smeared an opponent in that way, or claimed that someone in the EU was trying to get the IRA to become active again, our free and fearless press would be down on him like the proverbial tonne of bricks. Instead, Farage gets treated as if he is a great statesman, with clueless hacks hanging on his every word.

Anyone might think there were double standards at work. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Arnold said...

The Irish border is one of the borders Farage wanted the UK to control, along with 17.4m leavers. Any resumption of the Troubles is solely down to them.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you at least one person who isn't working class: Nigel Farage.

Arnold said...

He drinks beer in pubs. Doesn't that make him an honorary member of the working class?

Tim Fenton said...


No - Ed.

A Kelly said...

Was on a cruise a couple of years ago and Farage was a fellow guest. He never went near the on board pub. he was a strictly red wine man in the cocktail bar.