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Monday 20 August 2018

Dan Wootton Guns For Strictly Again

Whenever our free and fearless press perceives the hated BBC as going soft on anything - Brexit, Labour, Scary Muslims™, the homeless, the disabled, LBGT people, the EU, anyone not white not yet covered, Slebs they don’t like - they put the boot in on the Corporation. And thanks to deeply unpleasant Sun showbiz creep Dan Wootton, we now know that the next BBC target for his paper is going to be Strictly.
It's bizarre why they bother paying him

Why that should be is an easy one: whenever the show airs, it’s a ratings banker, it’s one of the few shows that can be classed Good Old-Fashioned Family Entertainment™, and it’s not going to be going anywhere near Sky any time soon. Wootton let slip early today that his assault on the show will be over the line-up for the new series.
Sadly, The Great Man gave the game away rather rapidly, like as soon as he issued a moany Tweet about the show. “Why has the BBC decided to make a civilian non-celebrity version of Strictly Come Dancing? Seriously, biggest show on the box and this rag tag bunch of TV D-listers is the best they can do. Seann Walsh? Dr Ranj? Stacey Dooley? Ashley Roberts? Vick Hope?” Better than Z-listers like Dan Wootton, mind.
In any case, Stacey Dooley was watching and put him straight. “You know what I LOVE to do for a living? As a grown man? Slate people I don’t know. Damn Dan, you must feel fulfilled everyday you get up for work. PS - Next time you write about me, it’s ‘Stacey Dooley MBE’”. Indeed, Ms Dooley was awarded the MBE for Services to Broadcasting only this year. She has produced a serious body of broadcast work.
And so Dopey Dan back-pedalled furiously. “How on earth is this me slating you? I’m slating the booking on the show. No personal offence intended. I’m sure you do good work and just because I’ve never heard of you that doesn’t mean you don’t. Going on Strictly is a dream for any career so well done for getting the gig”. What a crawler. He could be arguing in his spare time. And he could be a waste of space.
Meanwhile, Arthur Hall was on hand to put Wootton’s accomplishments in perspective. Brutal perspective. “[Stacey Dooley] a D list celebrity really? She is an incredible documentary maker and journalist who’s reported on real life issues such as child labour, drugs, women and the sex industry. Whereas your job is to write an article when someone on love island does a shit. Jealous man”. Cruel. Cruel but fair.
And there was more. “And most recently awarded an MBE. What have you been awarded apart from your wee 5 minute role on Lorraine once a week? You’re just a bitter man”. He’s also the idiot who couldn’t tell the difference between Westlife and Five, claimed an exclusive over a non-exclusive story about Ant McPartlin’s dog, and has previous with Strictly: he invented a malicious pack of lies about semi-finalist Alexandra Burke.
Now Wootton, or more likely the pack of modestly paid droids who actually write his copy, will be making up more rubbish about Strictly so they can leech off the show’s popularity.

Dan Wooton and his employers are nasty, unprincipled hypocrites. No change there, then.
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Ted Bangor said...

Surely if he didn't know who someone was - although the press release he read the names from probably said - he could have used his contacts to find out about them.
Or wikipedia like everyone else.

Interestingly Wootton Wiki page is so very much shorter than Dooley's and without a long list of credits. Odd that.

Stephen said...

Those teeth!

Anonymous said...

I notice every time he is called out on his vicious little tweets he says "its not personal" Truly odious man who clearly can't be much of a celeb expert if he has not heard of at least 90% of the

danny said...

I usually support you but this is not an act of injustice here.

Some low rent entertainment pundit made a dissing comment about some nobody z listers being on a reality tv dance show.

Hardly bigotry on the level of Boris Johnson or Katie Hopkins.

Stay on point not with shit like this

Jonathan said...

Glad Stacey Dooley MBE put the bitter and jealous little creep in his place.

Sad fact he probably gets more money for writing shite than Stacey does risking her life in some of the most dangerous places in the world.

Mark said...

It staggers me that an entertainment journalist could openly admit he hasn't heard of someone like Dooley, who has been working in the industry for well over a decade now. To possess such a glaring gap in his knowledge is proof that he is incompetent at his job...or it would be, if this was actually journalism we were talking about. As it is The S*n, he'll be alright.

In fact, I reckon Wootton (who I personally hadn't heard of until now - I wouldn't go near The S*n and that's not just because I live on Merseyside) is lying through his ultra white teeth here. It's long been the done thing to dig at Dooley for having the audacity to be a courageous documentarian who brings issues to a mainstream audience whilst in possession of a vagina and a working class accent. Wootton's 'I've never heard of you, but I'm sure you're excellent, well done' comment is just a backhanded compliment at best and yet another sly dig at worse.

For what it's worth, I'm impressed I know 6 or so of these celebs thus far - it's more than I've been able to recognise most years!

Anonymous said...

It's an indication of how easily corrupted this country has become when an utter empty headed no-mark like Wooton can be propagandised as a "celebrity" when in fact he isn't worth the shit off a pig farmer's welly.

And does anybody with functioning brain cells and even nominal free-will give a flying fuck about a sequins and gown twirly whirly unintentionally comic show?

Andy McDonald said...

Anonymous, it's called "having fun". Not all of us live in a condition of perpetual rage at the state of the nation.

Mark said...

Danny, I think this is still 'on point' - the real reason Wootton is 'dissing' the celebs taking part on this show is because it is a popular ratings grabber for the BBC and therefore must be seen as an enemy to Sky. Murdoch has instructed his 'journalists' to go after it, as the post actually points out.

nparker said...

@ Andy McDonald

Yes, good answer. I'm not quite sure Anonymous has had much fun in their days.