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Saturday 21 May 2016

Sun EU Luvvie Hypocrisy

The Murdoch poodles at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun are letting their exasperation at the lack of traction their EU bashing is gaining show: every day, as the polls fail to move in the direction desired, the hectoring rhetoric is ramped up a little more. It gets worse when a group of well-known people declare for Remain, and today it has sent the paper totally OTT after a group of actors and musicians did just that.
As is by now tediously predictable with the tabloid press, these people have been declared to be “luvvies”, an unpleasant and pejorative term intended to strip away any admiration from the public, and instead demonise them as being somehow cocooned and out of touch with reality, something that the overpaid, arrogant and insensitive inmates of the Baby Shard bunker could never be accused of. Perish the thought!

Today’s Sun Says rant is all the most discerning rant connoisseur could wish for: under the titleLoopy Luvvies” (mental health smear: check!), the question is put “WHY do actors and singers believe Britain values their opinion on anything beyond acting or singing?” Er, they don’t. They’re just expressing their opinion, which they are entitled to do, rather than ramming it down the public’s throats, as they do at the Sun. But do go on.

When you spend your life surrounded by sycophants hailing your every utterance as genius you become convinced of your own omnipotent wisdom”. Which is what happened to Kelvin McFilth, and led him, as well as the rest of the Sun’s senior staff, to not only smear Liverpool fans over Hillsborough, but refuse to apologise for years afterwards.

Try again. “Our objection is not that actors know no more than ordinary people about the EU debate. It’s that they know less … They are cocooned from reality in a complacent, self-regarding left-wing bubble of fame and stupendous wealth”. Wealth is “left-wing”? None of those actors was ever poorly paid, never skint? And, talking of “stupendous wealth”, what about all those overpaid hacks at the Sun?

Indeed - which leads into the next paragraph: “They won’t be priced out of the housing market, wait for ever for a doctor’s appointment or fail to get their kids into the local primary because of the uncontrollable influx of EU migrants”. Bit like those overpaid hacks at the Sun once again - they go private, fly business class, their kids go private too.

These stars will never trouble themselves to wonder why millions are considering Brexit. To them, Leavers are just nasty, bigoted Little Englanders”. Now it’s getting desperate - they didn’t express a view on those wanting to vote to leave.

Then it goes completely gaga: “As for citing the Bard and Bowie … we’d love to know how EU bungs helped them - or the Beatles, absurdly invoked by David Cameron yesterday … They are great BRITISH artists who, like so many others, conquered the world without a bean from Brussels”. Nobody is asking for, or even mentioning, “EU bungs”.

But the Sun - and the Mail, which also goes in for the same line in abuse - lost the argument as soon as its overpaid and unpleasant hacks sneered “luvvie”. Actors and musicians are entitled to their views. Even when those views don’t align with Creepy Uncle Rupe - and it’s none of his business. Foreigners don’t have a vote in this referendum.


Stephen said...

The Beatles learnt their craft in Germany; and it could be argued that Berlin saved Bowie's life, after having lived in LA for too long.

I know this is not "Brussels" - but dislike of Brussels and Europe usually comes down to Germany in the end, doesn't it? "I don't want to be ruled from Germany", etc. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

Don'tcha just lurv it when the Scum and its Nazi hacks get angry and all hate-filled.

Then you know they're not only losing the argument, they're sailing right around the bend and eventually out of sight.

But what else do you expect from Lahndan Little Englanders and their pea-sized "brains"?

Trucker said...

Doncha love when the whinging middle class luvvies have their most desperate, despicable attempts to crap over democracy because of course they know better than the grubby working class oiks they clearly despise and hold beneath contempt- slapped right back in their overfed , privileged, entitled gobs. How’s your wonderful unelected fascist dictatorship doing now. You will forever be history’s great losers.