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Friday 27 May 2016

Guido Fawked - Don’t Drink And Tweet

New technology can prove baffling to some people. It can also prove highly embarrassing  to others. And into the second category have come the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, who have embraced every avenue opened to them by that new technology, only for it to come back at them and bite them somewhere extremely tender indeed.
Photo included merely for guidance, you understand

Yesterday evening, as befits any good servant of the Press Establishment, the Fawkes folks were generating clicks on the back of the BBC, while having no compunction in putting the boot in on the Corporation at other times. “Who Is On Question Time Tonight?” they asked, with a panel that, for once, looked as if it might provide interesting and thoughtful debate on the hot topics of the day.
After all, on the show would be often sound Tory David Davis, former Labour leader Mil The Younger, popular Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, and Young Dave’s pal Steve Hilton, who had flown in from California to tell us all to Vote Leave, before flying back to California, from where he won’t be greatly fussed what happens in next month’s referendum. Fifth panel member was to be novelist Dreda Say Mitchell.

And it was Ms Mitchell’s presence that did for The Great Guido: after she had confused Miliband with his elder brother and referred to him - twice - as “David”, Staines made his fateful move. “Double D-bomb from @DawnButlerBrent for @Ed_Miliband. Somewhere David is cackling. Clearly all these Milibands look the same to Dawn. #bbcqt” he opined, mistaking Ms Mitchell for Labour MP Dawn Butler.

But all was not lost: it was late in the evening, few would have seen his Tweet, and it could easily be deleted. So it was binned, safe in the knowledge that … actually, someone was watching. Paul Waugh had a screen shot, and duly let the world know: “Guido drops a classic D-bomb of his own. Not Dawn, Dreda. #bbcqt He's deleted it, but ICYMI here's a screenshot”. That’s most enterprising of him.

It is not, however, good news for The Great Guido: Staines never likes it when his student flirtation with the racist BNP is brought up, and his sniping that someone thinks others “all look the same”, while confusing two people who happen to be black, is only going to reinforce the thought that he has a problem in this area. Certainly, tolerance of those who take an opposing view to his has never been high on Staines’ list of priorities.

Nor is his lamentable record of drink related trouble. Another fine mess, once again.


rob said...

How could he even think that the Beeb would invite two Labourites onto the same BBCQT panel?

I need to get some of what he must have been on.

Rangjan said...

Paul Staines did not have a 'student flirtation' with the BNP. He was a paid asset of the South African apartheid regime (under Operation Babushka) and he organised and propagandised on their behalf in the UK. He also tried to disrupt progressive, left-wing activities and campaigns (particularly campaigns for boycotts, disinvestment and isolation of the South African regime). As part of this agenda, he approached the BNP to see if they couldn't do some of the disruption on his behalf, i.e. they could be the distasteful element in his broad front of support for the apartheid regime and their allies and in the opposition to the ANC and their allies. Just look at some of the nasty and violent actions that were taken by supporters of the apartheid regime against ANC supporters in this country during the 1980s. I think we need to ask how much money he took from the apartheid regime and their front organisations, what information he passed them about progressive left-wing activists in the UK, and we need to establish if he was a 'useful idiot' or whether he was a willing accomplice of one of the most nasty regimes of the 20th Century.

Anonymous said...

I'm under the impression that this clown is permanently pissed. He's not a technophobe as such, just an unpleasant drunkard with unpleasant views and unpleasant connections.

A.Robot (Mrs) said...

I didn't know about 'Seaman's' connection with the BNP but I'd always suspected a connection with the NF given his resemblance to gorgeous, pouting Martin Webster (though fatherhood in Webster's case seems unlikely in the circumstances, I suppose).

Dave Coull said...

Paul Staines, who masquerades under the false name "Guido Fawkes", did indeed put a proposal to the BNP for "joint actions" with them, when he was a prominent member of the Federation of Conservative Students. His latest "blacks all look the same to me" blunder is consistent with what is known of his past record.

Anonymous said...

Rangian's post (above) is a bit alarming. Mr Staines was certainly mixed up in an unsavoury milieu a decade or three ago, but to say he was a paid agent of South Africa is to say the least unproven. I smell legal danger here (would it be too paranoid to suggest that a trap has been set deliberately?). Here is a rather more nuanced view of Mr Staines's troubling history: https://buddyhell.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/guido-fawkes-dictators-racism-and-hypocrisy/

Anonymous said...

If the never-ending tedious Star Wars saga is looking for a new plot they could try a story built around a new character named Blubber the Gut.

Staines could audition for it......If he did, he'd, er, piss it. If you see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

In essence, he's a shit stirring terrorist c**t.