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Saturday 7 May 2016

Karen Danczuk NOT Becoming An MP

Another day, another episode in the pitiful soap opera that is the saga of Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk and his rapidly dwindling band of acolytes. Hardly had the news circulated that he’s had to borrow the £11,000 plus he was forced to repay after an investigation by Parliamentary watchdog IPSA into his expense claims for children who did not stay with him in London than there was another embarrassment.
Karen Danczuk - a picture of modesty

This time it was the behaviour of Danczuk’s self-promoting ex-wife Karen, still totally lacking in any sense of self-awareness, or indeed contact with reality, who decided Friday night would be a good time to grandly tell the world about her plans to make Bigger And Bolder Predictions For The Further Promotion Of Herself Personally Now. This time she did not want to be anything less than a serving MP.
No, don’t laugh. I mean, Kazza has already served as a councillor in Rochdale, a job which she is rumoured to have had to be pressured to leave because of being useless at it. So she simply took to Twitter and announced her career plan to the world: “I really want to fight Middleton & Heywood at the next General Election for MP!! It's time they had a home girl putting the town first”. Yeah, right. Two things here.
One, the constituency is not called “Middleton & Heywood”, but Heywood and Middleton. And two, it has a perfectly capable Labour MP already representing it, Liz McInnes, who is well-liked, and has no intention of standing down in favour of anyone else, and especially not Kazza. She put Ms Danczuk straight: “Start with getting the constituency name right - it's Heywood and Middleton. H&M, like the shop”.
Kazza wasn’t taking that lying down. “Were you drunk when you sent this 1am tweet? Hit a nerve? H&M or M&H it still deserves an MP who is passionate & cares”. Why does she assume everyone on Twitter at 0100 hours is ratarsed? Is it a legacy of being married to the ever-thirsty Simon? In any case, it got her nowhere.
Karen, I have no intention of getting into a slanging match with you. Have a nice day” replied Ms Mcinnes, clearly signing off and ending the discussion, as she had more important things to do, like perhaps watching paint dry or supervise grass growing. The ambition of Ms Danczuk to succeed her had been snuffed out. But still Kazza came back.
Desperate for as much attention as she could extract from the conversation, she wailed “I don't do slanging matches … you came for me remember … I merely said Id [sic] love to fight my home town. A town I love & know”. Pity she doesn’t want to fight for it. And isn’t it “know and love”? Whatever. Kazza is not going to become an MP.

Self-promotion on Twitter does not qualify anyone to run for elective office, and certainly not Karen Danczuk. One can only wonder what her next five-minute career will be. Gynaecologist? Astronaut? Or just another fifteen minutes as a wannabe? Sad, really.


Mark Hollinrake said...

More likely that it would be her ex to be drunk at 1 am in the morning than the Borough of Rochdale's only decent, in fact very good MP, Liz McInnes. KD would never get elected again to public office , as she was without doubt one of the very worse Cllrs ever.

The Sausage said...

All you bastards moaning because you lost your race.
I'm still in for a running.
You couldn't possibly end up in as bad a place as me. It's shit.
Think of my outcome and income !

Arnold said...

To be fair to Karen, she didn't say she wanted to be a Labour MP. Simon doesn't seem sure about his political allegiance either.

Unknown said...

Also worth remembering that Liz Mcinnes is an MP who represents the constituency, but not a local MP. She was prachuted in by Unite for the by-election and (correct me if I'm wrong) has NEVER lived in the constituency.