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Tuesday 3 May 2016

Guido Fawked - Selective Jew-Hatred

The perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog have recently been hot on the trail of anyone in the Labour Party who has made inappropriate comments about the state of Israel, its citizens, its right to exist, and Jews everywhere. No-one can doubt their commitment to root out anti-Semitism. On their watch there will be no acts of Jew-hatred going unnoticed and unpunished.
Feared, allegedly. But not fast enough with the cover-up

But, sadly, that is not universally true: after Bradford West MP Naz Shah was suspended for comments and actions from before the time she became an MP, one of which was to “like” a document called “Solution for Israel-Palestine conflict … relocate Israel into United States”, Vox Political revealed that this had originally been published by one Norman Finkelstein, a professor who specialises in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Professor Finkelstein is the son of two Holocaust survivors. The rest of his parents’ relatives did not survive. Yes, the publisher of the work that led to Naz Shah being suspended for alleged anti-Semitism is Jewish. You really couldn’t make it up.
This is how Norman Finkelstein described his history: “My late father was in Auschwitz, my late mother was in Majdenek concentration camp. Every single member of my family on both sides was exterminated. Both of my parents were in the Warsaw ghetto uprising”.

But when it was pointed out to The Great Guido that the author of the work that had caused Naz Shah so much trouble was Jewish, there was no pause for understanding, no appreciation that the situation was not quite as clear-cut as had been made out. Instead, there was abusiveness, dismissal, and then evasion and concealment.
After the Tweeter who goes by the handle Mr Ethical asked “do you guys realise Naz Shah’s graphic was originally posted by a Jew?” the reply came back “Do you think that would make it OK? Also he’s a nutcase”.

Freely translated, that means Paul Staines, or whoever had been delegated control of the Guido Fawkes Twitter feed, had decided that Jewish opinion was only useful to him and his rabble if it met with their approval. As Professor Finkelstein’s work, which attempts to show understanding for the situation of Palestinian Arabs, is inconvenient to their attempt to undermine the Labour Party, it is dismissed.
And it gets worse: the Guido Fawkes Twitter response was soon deleted, as whoever was running the account tried to cover his tracks. But a screen shot was taken by that same Mr Ethical. So the whole world can see just how supportive The Great Guido is to those whose parents survived the tragedy that was the Shoah.

The Fawkes rabble has its own problem with selective Jew-hatred. And it’s been caught bang to rights trying to cover it up. Another fine mess, once again.


Anonymous said...

Oo look, more far right lying and cowardice.

There's a surprise......Not.

Any chance broadcast news will follow up on this? Or will it give more time to the breeding habits of pandas?

Jeremy best fasten his seat belt and get ready for more of this muck. His obvious disregard for yahboosucks Eton pig's head politics has created consternation at the Murdoch-Rothermere Axis of Evil. So you can bet your bottom Canary Wharf bribe there will be an increase in desperate smears. After all, it's what they're paid for.

Straighten up, Jez dude. You made a good start by fucking that Sky TV lackey right off. Just as the Hillsborough Families press conference told Scum hacks to do one. There are times when that's appropriate.

Mostly, though, it's best just to take the piss out of them. They provide enough opportunities.

Brian Higgy said...

It's become almost impossible to criticize the Israeli state online without somebody popping up and labeling you as "anti-Semite". There are serious problems with Israel and it's current stance on Palestine. But there's an army of supporters who don't want to hear any criticism.

Anonymous said...

Norman Filkelstein is the main speaker in the 08.04.15 edition

of Al Jazeera's "HEAD To HEAD" - "Time To Boycott Israel".

Presented by Mehdi Hasan.

Oliver Kamm, "TIMES" & Jewish Chronicle" columnist participates.

Read the transcript.

By the way, since Filkelstein was denied tenure by Chicago's De Paul University
in mid-2007, he's no longer a Professor (of Political Science).

Rangjan said...

I'm currently perusing the journal "Free Life", number 26 (A Journal of Classical Liberal and Libertarian Thought). There's an interesting review by Paul Staines of the book "An Investor's Guide to Offshore Investment" in which he advocates illegal tax evasion of the kind described in the publication "Silent Banking" by Scope International. Also interesting is the company he kept: also in the journal are some nasty reviews and articles on such topics as anti-Semitism and child abuse. These make very interesting reading indeed. Paul (GuidoFawkes) Staines wasn't particularly fussy about the company he kept in those days. The artlcle on Child Sexual Abuse refers to it as a false memory scam, promoted by the "child abuse lobby". Who would have thought that the concerns being raised already in the 1980s about child sexual abuse were based on bogus statistical evidence and junk science? Apparently Paul Staines' fellow travellers did. The article on anti-Semitism also makes fine reading, and gives insight into Paul's associates in the Libertarian Movement's views. Apparently we should all be debating whether the holocaust actually existed or not, "because regardless of the feelings that this may arouse in the victims of the holocaust and their descendants", the holocaust "must be open to any interpretation or view of its reality, no matter how malevolent these may appear". Other articles promote ownership of guns and knives. If you want to understand the complete hypocrisy of this odious little man, you should have a look.

Anonymous said...

Pushing aside the smears, there is no question the Israeli state has some serious charges against it. It would help if mainstream media would give that much more attention, such as which individuals issued orders to mass murder Palestinians and who carried them out.

But of course there will be no such attention. All mainstream media should carry a banner warning: Don not disturb while smearing.

I might change my mind if I ever see the likes of Blair, Straw, Campbell, Bush1 and 2, Cheney and Rumsfeld arraigned in front of the International Court. The problem there is that they aren't of dusky hue or from the East. So I won't hold my breath.

Gweedo Fawkes said...

Smearing me again ?

I have no affiliation with Jews and I know nothing about their financial past or currency.

Don't beleive me ? I bet you a thousand shekels and don't even think of haggling.

Now, fuck off.

I need to clean out my Bedouin !

Mike Sivier said...

I've done a bit more digging and found out that Norman Finkelstein got the image from a site called Redress Online. Under an article written by another Jewish gentleman, the site's editor, Nureddin Sabir (Arab? Muslim?) added the image, saying it was a response to calls for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by forcibly moving them to Jordan or Saudi Arabia.
Knowing, as we do, that Naz Shah RT'd the image in anger at the destruction Israel had been raining down on Palestine at the time, it seems clear that the entire debate is the wrong way around and the wrong people are being accused.
As usual?

Anonymous said...

Rangjan cites The Libertarian Alliance's "FREE LIFE", issue no. 26.

Have a little look at issue no. 37: September 2000.


Nor will there be even a mention allowed in the Establishment Media

of the claims about a guilty plea made at Bow St. Magistrates Court

back in 1983, by a person now of The Highest Importance.


Nibs said...

There was a Guardian letter from 80 or so prominent British Jews denouncing the witch-hunt of both Shah and Livingstone.
Personally I will take the word of these honourable people WAAY before I believe the disgusting Staines and the pathetic echo-chamber of Toby Young etc (all over zealous non-Jews).
Actually, put yourself in their shoes (the honourable ones): wouldn't you hate it that an issue so serious and sensitive were used by these charlatans (who are just totally ok with racism in any other form), retweeted, erroneously quoted, all to bring down some Labou7r politicians who threaten the stranglehold of the 1% and may have pro-Palestinian sympathies ? It would seriously get my goat.
Obviously I don't refer to the likes of Aaronovitch and "Danny" Finkelstein as they are apparatchiks of power themselves.
Why is their word sought and not the word of Lord Kaufman for example ?

Anonymous said...

Staines has done so many drugs he doesn't know what he's on about.

The worse part is why so many look up to him.

People make mistakes but he's a huge fuck up.
What a legacy to leave his poor children.
There will be those who think like him and target them for his ills.

Why would he complain?

Anonymous said...

Stick a Jew in charge of Leveson 2 and ban terrorist blogs.
See how fast Staines dislikes Jews then.

You know, the same Staines who hates politicians so much yet he can't seem to remove his tongue from their anal cavities.

If there is a good advert why people should never do drugs, he's it.

Still, it won't be long before all eyes turn on him for the RIGHT reasons.

Rangjan said...

Regarding Anonymous (3 May 15:43) on "Free Life" (issue 37) - yes. Bear in mind that here Paul Staines was making a valiant defence of bribery as a sound business practice overseas. Because bribery is something that the natives expect, in their culture, and which we should respect. It's not a way in which we export our corrupt practices overseas... The man's an idiot - a very clever idiot.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton said...

What's Julie Burchill doing these days?

Actually don't answer that one, I've got better things to do, such as punching myself in the face.