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Saturday 30 January 2016

Sun Banker Bashing Explained

What has got into the Murdoch faithful at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun lately? The 2008 financial crash, last week, was suddenly attributed to the people who actually caused it - the bankers. This was a bit radical for Tony Gallagher and his pals - after all, since he has sat in the editor’s chair, the only thing the Sun has been notorious for is its ability to tell More And Bigger Whoppers For The Benefit Of Itself Personally Now.
Yet there it was: under the headline “Nail the banks”, readers were told “Why do our top bankers remain unpunished for triggering the 2008 recession? … The world is still feeling aftershocks. A worse downturn could be imminent … Every day our courts process countless petty crimes … Yet almost none of the bankers who oversaw catastrophic incompetence and reckless greed costing the country billions faced the music”.

Wow. That’s quite a U-Turn for a paper that brought its readers stories like “Ed says sorry for Labour's economic Balls-up”. That attack on then-Shadow Chancellor “Auguste” Balls continued “Mr Balls said he was sorry for failing to regulate the banks more tightly ahead of the crash, which took place under Gordon Brown, and admitted not every penny had been spent wisely by the Labour party”. It was Pa Broon’s crash back then.

Even on the day of last year’s General Election, a Sun editorial thunderedMillionaire celebrities queue up to front Labour’s campaign of misinformation. Maybe the great recession to which Labour left us so exposed passed these luvvies by. It certainly didn’t hurt them like it did ordinary people … Maybe they never read the ‘joke’ Labour left the incoming Coalition in 2010, sneering that there was no money left. But mega-rich stars will not suffer one bit when Labour turns on the spending taps, wrecks businesses and crashes the economy again”. Less than a year ago, it was Labour’s fault.
And it was Labour’s fault in 2010: as the Sun pleaded with its readers to vote for Young Dave, an editorial toldCan gloomy Gordon Brown put right what Labour have messed up for 13 years? … Mr Brown asks to be judged on Labour’s record, first under Tony Blair and then under him. So let’s do it … We know Labour have wrecked the economy. Mr Brown has trebled the national debt for a wasteful spree the country could never afford”.

But then, that editorial also said “Make no mistake, if the Tories gain power we will hold them to account and make sure they deliver for you”. But they haven’t: all the Sun’s attentions since Mil The Younger became Labour leader, and then again after Jeremy Corbyn took over last year, have been in creating one screaming denunciation after another. Directed towards Labour. And letting the Tories off the hook.

And that is what the banker bashing rant is really about: there is no way the Sun can dump on the Tories. Rupert Murdoch is relying on Cameron and his pals to screw over the BBC, green light the next bid for Sky, and kick Leveson 2 into the long grass. So the next crash will be someone else’s fault. It is not the first time the Sun has helped the Tories in this way: the paper backed Mrs T when she blamed a “World recession” in her first term.

That was a pack of lies, too. But being at the Sun means never having to say you’re sorry.


rob said...

So what's the reasoning behind their contempt shown for the Government arranging lavish dinners for corporates who donate to the Tory coffers. Has Dave offended them by not endorsing the takeover bid. Or is it just a shot across the bows to show how much influence NewsCorp still have just in case Dave gets uppity?

Tim Fenton said...


I think you answered your own question there, Rob.

J said...

Global banking crash...
Under Labour = Labours fault, nothing to do with the banks.
Under Cuntservatives = Previous Labours fault, and the fault of the banks.

Giddiot has got his excuses in early, for all his cockups; blame everyone/anyone but me.

Sadly the gormless, rote learned, reader will fall for it.

I wouldn't put it past them to enhance the blame on Labour, buy saying the banks were so under-regulated under Brown that Giddiot couldn't move quick enough to change the system incrementally in time.

Anonymous said...

Being the Scum means telling lies. All the time. And with as much Murdoch/Mackenzie/Kavanagh/Gallagher bullshit as possible.

If Gallagher and his gutless boot boys and girls had the slightest degree of honesty and decency they would have had a go at the international bankers eight years ago. It is the bankers after all who “wrecked the economy,” and will do it again given the chance.

New Labour – rightly labelled Red Tories – simply looked on, just as the Bullingdon pig gang are doing now. They’re both cut from the same tenth rate spiv cloth.

Of course this is merely a ploy to direct attention away from the five economic hoods who have just been found “not guilty” for rigging LIBOR rates. Well, they may be cleared by a rigged legal system, but they’re not clear in my eyes. Or I suspect many other people’s.

Gallagher and co are getting more desperate by the day, spitting their hate filled poison at anybody except the guilty parties. Then again......that’s what they’re paid for. Just like Julius Streicher and Josef Goebbels. No surprise there, then.

Kakistocracy Watch said...

The next crash will be during Tory rule so, when it happens, The Sun editorial will refer to their latest demand for Bankers to be held to account for their greed.

Anonymous said...

But then, that editorial also said “Make no mistake, if the Tories gain power we will hold them to account and make sure they deliver for you”.

What are they going to do, all gather round Murdoch's for drinks and congratulatory pats on the back?

Anyone who reads or believes those shit stains on society need to have a word with themselves!

I don't know how anyone can stomach some of them.
How do their wives/partners put up with it?
I suppose the money helps!