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Sunday 10 January 2016

Danczuk Corbyn Book Dishonesty

The latest instalment in the soap opera that revolves around Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk has been played out today in the pages of the Sun, as readers have been toldSimon Danczuk blasting Corbyn in plot to write book boasting how he toppled him … EXCLUSIVE: Labour MP looking to cash in as soon as Jezza gets the boot”. Yes, this is yet another shameless money-making scheme.
The article continues “SHAMED Simon Danczuk has been publicly criticising Jeremy Corbyn so he can write a book boasting how he toppled the Labour leader … The Rochdale MP, 49, began working on it in October, weeks after Corbyn got the top job … Danczuk aims to cash in by publishing as soon as Corbyn goes … He has told pals this could be at May’s local elections”. Do go on.

A source said: ‘He sees himself as Labour’s saviour and wants to champion his divisive behaviour if Corbyn is ejected’ … Danczuk branded Corbyn’s policies ‘crazy’ … He has been suspended by the party for sexting a girl of 17 … Last night he denied writing the book [my emphasis]”. And to that denial I call bullshit: there is a book in preparation, and it would have Danczuk’s name on the cover.

The way that Danczuk can tell the Sun, while keeping a straight face, that he is not writing the book is because, as with the previous effort on his predecessor as Rochdale MP Cyril Smith, the actual writing will be done by his now returned sidekick Matt Baker, who, as I’ve previously told, already writes all his columns. And it is those columns that will form the basis of the book, which will have a most imaginative title.

My information is that the Danczuk and Baker opus will be called “Jeremy Corbyn - My Part In His Downfall”, which the joint authors might think rather good, except for one highly inconvenient fact. The title clearly apes Spike Milligan’s first volume of memoirs, “Adolf Hitler - My Part In His Downfall”, and the joke there was that Milligan, as a humble artilleryman, had next to no influence on the direction of World War 2.

So if Danczuk and Baker use that title, they are admitting that the MP’s ranting had no real effect on the course of events - not the strongest of sales pitches. And it gets worse: as I also mentioned recently, Danczuk had been attending Parliamentary Labour Party meetings rather more regularly, partly to pick up information and gossip to feed to Baker and include in his Mail on Sunday and Sun columns. But now he can’t do that.

This is because, as a result of the “sexting” controversy, Danczuk has been suspended from the Labour Party, and therefore cannot attend PLP meetings. The longer this goes on, the less goss he gets for Baker’s ghosted columns. And today, neither MoS, nor Sun, is running a Danczuk column. Until and unless those papers do run more of his columns, there will be no more material for the book.

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, but Danczuk’s Corbyn-bashing magnum opus right now is going nowhere. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bloke.


Ceebs said...

You'd think it a title he'd want to avoid with his adventurous private life, people might see the story about Blue Unction in the Milligan books pages and draw comparisons.

Anonymous said...

Just think of Danksuck, Hopkins, Mensch, Murdoch, Neil and Kuenssberg in the same room.

Then go and give your dog a big hug.

mirandola said...

Ahem. Spike Milligan was a humble artillery man, not a humble infantryman.

Anonymous said...

Danczuk + Kanczynzki are failed MPs/plastic lawyers, who charge people for their time.

Anonymous said...

Be thankful for small mercies.

The Sun and Daily Mail now have egg all over their corrupt faces (faeces?).

Even their moronic Essex readers would be hard put to notice it.

Anonymous said...

Some folk might say that Simon is being a little premature with his book, especially with more revelations to come about him and his office.

Anonymous said...

These are just the opening shots in the Hate Corbyn campaign.

Anybody who saw last night's Press Review on Murdoch Propaganda TV will have seen that tenth rate gimp Tessa Jowell - a classic New Labour sell out - with some other Murdoch doggy, both of them (plus the "moderator" of course) sticking the boot in.

It was so obvious it was comical, like a really really bad suburban soap opera.

It's a fast race to the bottom amongst Murdoch's doggies and bought and paid for politicians.