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Sunday 24 January 2016

Raheem Kassam - Hate Preaching Bigot

Over at the convocation of the totally batshit known as Breitbart London, a website that dishonestly claims to deal in news, rather than strident right-wing opinion, faithful UKIP supporter Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam has gone on another of his tirades against followers of The Prophet, while talking up anything undertaken by his hero Nigel “Thirsty” Farage. The result will satisfy the most discerning rant connoisseur.
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Kassam, whose benign and tolerant disposition can be deduced from his Twitter avatar photo, showing The Great Man wearing a Donald Trump cap, has ventured into the Twittersphere to make a series of interesting claims about hate preachers. The result, however, is that it is he who turns out to be preaching hate.
He warmed up with a little light misinformation, telling his followers “2000+ audience welcomes @Nigel_Farage”. The Kettering Conference Centre, from where he was reporting, advertises that its largest auditorium seats 1500. Still, details, eh? Then came “Former UK sec def blasts Obama over staying in EU rhetoric: ‘When Mexico has a court that overrules America.. they can talk’”. That was Liam Fox. Quoting that has-been (and arguably never-should-have-been) sends your credibility down the plughole in one.
Then it was on to the main event: above a photo of a business on London’s Edgware Road, he observed “This is London... apparently”. Er, yes … do go on. And he did: above another photo of a business on London’s Edgware Road, he asked “Where am I!???” Someone identified the first photo as a restaurant. Was this a clue?
Apparently not: “Is there an entire main road of Japanese shops with Japanese writing, where Japanese hate preachers gather?” he snapped at one respondent. Another helpful soul fared even worse, being told “Tell me when there's 15 blocks straight of Italian shops where Italian extremists preach hate on streets DICKHEAD”. Kassam is clearly unaware that someone here is preaching hate - and it happens to be him.
Wasn’t it about food, then? Apparently not: “Oh you thought a point about how we're being colonised was about food? And I'm the idiot?” Colonised? That would not have been out of place in a 1960s National Front poster. It got worse, as Kassam veered into the realms of fantasy: “Oh I've done better than that mate. Our evidence helped remove an Islamist mayor in Tower Hamlets. But ‘racism’ yeh?” Sadly, he isn’t Ted Jeory.
Hell, he isn’t even Andrew Gilligan. And then he Retweeted “@RaheemKassam damn sir you are the man! look at that TRUMP hat! and you embarrassed that giles loser ! ! ! ! great job i am a newfound fan!” from someone whose Twitter handle was @ShipThemAllBack. Yes, the kind of sentiment expressed by the NF in the 1960s. But he wasn’t a bigot, and to prove it he ranted “Stop appropriating my culture. Racist”.

Raheem Kassam shows, by trying to pin hatred on others, he is himself an accomplished preacher of hatred. And a bigot of the lowest order. So ideal for Breitbart, then.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give that Nazi scumbag the oxygen of publicity. Let him wallow in his racist bigotry along with the rest of BNP/Combat 18/NF or whatever they call themselves this week.

Anonymous said...

Wearing a "Donald Trump" hat says it all about him.

The fellow is clearly a ranting righty, a fully paid up member of the Batshit Crazy Club.

London's full of them.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the owners of those restaurants could sue him for libel, since he seems to be claiming that their businesses are a front for Islamist hate preachers.

Unknown said...

He's a chronic attention seeker who will say anything to be noticed. Starve him and he'll crawl back under his stone.