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Tuesday 5 January 2016

Danczuk Smear Campaign Revealed

As Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk continues to claim that he is working tirelessly for his constituents, and gives off the air of a man who is more sinned against than sinning, Zelo Street has been made aware of just how dirty a game he has played in order to discredit his opponents since being adopted as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the seat nine years ago.
In February 2012, Rochdale Online told thatCouncillor Farooq Ahmed has been reinstated into the Labour party and his position as finance portfolio holder on the Council Cabinet after a police investigation concluded that no action would be taken over a video that emerged earlier this year purported to show him smoking cannabis … Councillor Ahmed was suspended by the Labour party, and from his Council Cabinet position, whilst an investigation took place”. Ahmed’s comments make interesting reading.

My partner, Shefali Begum, stood by me and kept me going. I also want to thank the Leader (Colin Lambert) who stood by me and the members of my group, apart from one or two, who supported. It has been a learning curve for me and from now on I will be careful in my private times with what I say, not just publicly, but when I am amongst friends”.

Yet more interesting was this claim: “Councillor Ahmed maintains that the sudden emergence of the video was part of a ‘smear campaign orchestrated by Simon Danczuk’, Rochdale MP and Councillor Ahmed's Labour party colleague”. Zelo Street can now reveal that Danczuk was indeed involved in the campaign to oust Ahmed - to the extent that he used his position as MP for Rochdale to urge action against him.

Central to Danczuk’s campaign against Farooq Ahmed was a letter he wrote - using House of Commons notepaper - to council leader Colin Lambert (who has also been the target of dirty tricks, apparently attributable to Danczuk’s then sidekick Matt Baker). The letter is reproduced in full here so that readers can see the innuendo-laden smear.
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In recent weeks my constituency office and I have received a number of complaints about Councillor Farooq Ahmed - your cabinet member for finance - which I have to bring to your attention” tells Danczuk, although the letter is short on specifics. But the video gets top billing: “On Friday a constituent came into my office and showed me a video of Councillor Farooq Ahmed smoking a cannabis joint”.

Those who have also read the allegations of Danczuk’s own cannabis use by his ex-wife Sonia Rossington may allow themselves a wry smile at that one.

Danczuk stresses, as he does so often, that this is all about the reputation of the party and the town: “I fear that this evidence could not only bring the party into disrepute if it reaches a wider audience but most importantly it could do great damage to both the council and our community”. There was then a direct personal allegation (also not substantiated).

A few weeks ago a resident called in to my office to complain that Councillor Farooq Ahmed had recently secured a popular and recently renovated Rochdale Boroughwide Housing property for Shafali Begum (Labour’s candidate in Spotland), someone it is alleged he has a relationship with. Obviously, this would be inappropriate and something you would wish to investigate and rule out”.

Danczuk then suggests that Ahmed may be “attempting to unduly influence planning decisions”, that he has “given the impression that he has broken the rules”. Again, there is nothing offered in support of the claim.
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The allegations just keep on coming: “A long list of erratic behaviour appears to be developing”, Danczuk tells Lambert. The MP had met Ahmed “and discussed rumours that were beginning to circulate. These concentrate on his personal life, in which I have no interest, but I thought he should be aware of”. Rumours. Suggestions. Innuendo.

And then comes the excuse for Danczuk going directly to the council leader: “I had contemplated writing directly to Farooq setting out this on-going situation, though the video I was shown on Friday means more direct and immediate action is required. After reflecting on all I have been hearing over a good number of weeks I thought it best to draw all this to your attention, so that you can take action”.

Note that Danczuk is effectively telling Lambert that he has to do something - on the basis of little more than a video and rather a lot of nudge-nudgery. But he does want to stress his compassionate side: “I am more than happy to help and assist in any way I can - including what is best for Farooq’s personal well-being”. Yes, Simon Danczuk is all heart.

And what happened?

Greater Manchester Police conducted an investigation. Their spokesperson observed “An investigation was carried out by another division within Greater Manchester Police, which concluded there was no evidence for any further police action”.

A spokesperson for Labour in the North West added “Labour North West has conducted an investigation surrounding the video clip in which Councillor Farooq Ahmed appeared and his suspension has now been lifted. Councillor Ahmed categorically denied any wrong doing and the police have confirmed that no further action will be taken”.

Simon Danczuk was invited to comment. It appears he did not. And he certainly showed no regret or sign of apology.

The Farooq Ahmed affair shows outsiders just how nasty Rochdale’s Labour politics has been since Danczuk fetched up in the town, and why feelings are running so high right now. It only adds to the impression that the town would be better served, were Danczuk to move on - or be caused to move on.


pete c. said...

He has no choice but to move on - even if things remain unproven.

Who would ever want to take him seriously - or trust him - ever again. He needs to do a Toynbee.

Anonymous said...

What's happening with that inept smear campaign against Lambert? It seems like an unexploded bomb right now - are the press biding their time, or are legal wheels already in motion?

Anonymous said...

The man is a walking (staggering?) example of everything wrong with British politics and why New Labour is detested by anybody with even a notion of honesty.

The sooner he, New Labour and the tories are dumped in the dustbin of history the better for the cultural health of this sad, disunited nation.

I hope the Rochdale constituency takes note, then takes the appropriate action. If they don't they'll deserve the kind of politician they inevitably get. Which will be another New Labour version of Danczuk. They don't just need to take a clean brush to the task, they need to fumigate the place.

Arnold said...

He's really in trouble now.

"Now the soap opera moves to TV: Karen Danczuk tells Loose Women she will 'take control' of ex-husband Simon's life"


Unknown said...

Very interesting and very good blog.....enjoyed reading it 😃😃😃