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Tuesday 12 January 2016

Daily Mail Bowie Hypocrisy

Today’s Daily Mail has followed the rest of the press pack in marking the passing of rock legend David Bowie: their front page take is captioned “Bowie, starman still dazzling the world even in death”. There is fulsome praise from a host of hacks and pundits. Several pages of the paper are given over to features on his life, times, and music. And the whole exercise is a prime example of the worst kind of rank hypocrisy.
There’s an “exclusivetribute from Boy George: “'I always dreaded this day, I hoped he was immortal': Boy George writes touching tribute to friend David Bowie after star's shock death … George penned a tribute letter for his friend David who died Sunday … ’I first saw David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust performing at Lewisham Odeon in 1973 just before my twelfth birthday,' George started his letter … The Karma Chameleon singer said Bowie 'validated me and made me realize I was not alone’”.

Young New Zealand singer Lorde was also represented in the Mail: “'I've never met a hero of mine and liked it... he was different': Lorde joins the outpouring of grief for David Bowie who died after a secret cancer battle”. There was even a “close friend” on hand to tell the Mail about Bowie’s battle with cancer.

David Bowie fought liver cancer for more than a year because he wanted to live to see his daughter grow up, close friend reveals as fans party through the night in memory of their idol … David Bowie told close friends that he was suffering from liver cancer in 2014, according to director Ivo van Hovetold the headline.

But the Mail didn’t know until his death was announced. And that means, despite gushing articles likeThe daughter who made David Bowie yearn to live: How birth of Lexi put singer's workaholic tendencies 'into perspective' and gave him the will to stay healthy after his first heart attack”, and alsoShock and mourning at death of David Bowie turns to partying into the night: Fans celebrating life of their music idol turn out in their hundreds at his hometown - and even the statues wore the 'Aladdin Sane' logo”, Mail staff will be hoping that their worst Bowie hypocrisy does not attract too much attention.
Because yesterday’s paper, published before news of the death was announced, contained a typically nasty hatchet job on Bowie from the pen of Jan Moir. Under the headlineTHE BITTERNESS OF MRS BOWIE”, readers were told “She claims he forced her into a debauched open marriage - then 'poisoned' their son against her. Now Angie Bowie's hitting back in viciously indiscreet style”.

Bowie’s first wife Angie, from whom he was divorced in 1980, is part of the latest Celebrity Big Brother line-up (I know, I know, “for some value of ‘celebrity’”). So the Mail despatched its cattiest Glenda to arrange a payday for Angie, and a hit-job for the Dacre doggies, unaware that David Bowie was terminally ill with cancer. And they got caught out.

It takes a certain kind of brass neck to run articles like that, and then splash on the fulsome tributes the next day. Being the Daily Mail means never having to say you’re sorry.


Anonymous said...

More to the point, "working" at the Daily Heil automatically means you are a coward, liar and hypocrite with a strain of fascism thrown in.

None of them have ever done an honest day's work in their lives.

"Hurrah for the blackshirts!" anyone?

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember Lynda lee-potter telling us that princess Diana was irresponsible by cavorting with Dodi in the Caribbean, while her sons sat silently at home. Cue Diana's death a week later and lee - potter rushed to inform us that Diana was a wonderful mother who cared deeply for her sons.

I'm loath to speak ill of the dead but Lee-potter - along with everyone who has ever worked for dacre - was flea-ridden; that's what comes from laying with dogs.

Andy McDonald said...

Happens all too often with celebs. In the case of Diana I remember watching a local news piece on her about a week or so before her death. She'd been to visit a 'psychic' and this was treated as "OMG, what is she like, such an embarrassment...".

Anonymous said...

Ah. The "halcyon" days of Lynda Lee-Potter.

Oh for the era of a merely stupid, gossiping old fish wife.

Now there is a newsroom full of nazi propagandists. All of it headed up by a Dacre that gets more loonier and reactionary as he gets older and closer to checking out.

Gotterdamerung beckons, just as it did in 1944.

Anonymous said...

The Jan Moir piece doesn't actually slag off the late Mr Bowie at all. It's actually more of a piece giving the former Mrs Bowie enough rope to hang herself as a bit disreputable. Mr Bowie's reputation barely gets a look-in. I think you're over-egging the pudding.

Arnold said...

As was only to be expected, the DM has wheeled out a Glenda to try and regain the moral high ground by attacking the previous day's coverage. It even valued a posh house Bowie once owned, FFS.
"Forgive me, but I find this hysteria a little over the top: STEPHEN GLOVER says the Second Coming would scarcely attract as much attention as Bowie's death"
What's the male equivalent of a Glenda?


Anonymous said...

To Arnold 11:34.

The male equivalent of "a Glenda" is "a MacKenzie." Also known as a gobshite.