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Sunday 17 January 2016

Danczuk Is Not John Prescott

As if Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk were not taking the piss enough over his challenge to suspension by the Labour Party - as I noted yesterday, he has threatened legal action over the issue - it has now been reported that his defence to that suspension will be to compare himself to former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, who had an affair with Tracey Temple, one of his staff.
The Mail On Sunday has toldDisgraced Labour MP Simon Danczuk will use John Prescott's infamous affair with his secretary to claim he shouldn't be sacked over 'sex-text' messages to a teenage girl … Danczuk is awaiting disciplinary hearing after 'sex-text' messages with 17-year-old … He will argue party bosses have no right to expel him because they took no such action against John Prescott … Former Deputy Prime Minister had extra-marital affair with his secretary”.

There is even a quote from “a friend of Mr Danczuk” (which might surprise those who had already concluded that he didn’t have any of those left) protesting “If these issues are so important to the Labour Party, then why wasn't John Prescott expelled for an abuse of power when he had an extra-marital affair with his secretary? If that's not a breach in his duty of care to an employee, then I don't know what is”.

The quote gives every impression of being the work of Matt Baker, now, it is believed, back as Danczuk’s sidekick, confidante, spinmeister, and potential dispenser of dirty tricks. And it is the simplest and crudest of false equivalences. Prescott and Ms Temple were both consenting adults: she was a civil servant of some years’ service. Sophena Houlihan, whom Danczuk had “sexted”, was a 17 year old girl looking for work experience.

It gets worse: the “sexting” affair is not the only charge against Danczuk. The allegations of dirty tricks against former Rochdale council leader Colin Lambert are the subject of a continuing legal battle. There is a potential IPSA investigation into Danczuk’s employment of second wife Karen, after their spot checks revealed she was not present at the MP’s office when she should have been - on two separate occasions.

There is the historic rape complaint that Lancashire Police are investigating. Danczuk’s behaviour in trying to undermine Councillor Farooq Ahmed, a case in which he used his status as an MP to try and get the then council leader (Colin Lambert once more) to take action against someone opposed to him, might also interest the Labour Party.

On top of all that, former girlfriend Claire Hamilton has told the MoSI don't think it would be fair for Simon just to go and talk his way out of it. As a member of the party, I'm willing to give evidence. I'm disgusted at what he's been doing. In any other profession, there would be repercussions for that kind of behaviour – it shouldn't be different just because he's an MP”. The “sexting” revelations caused her to dump him on the spot.

Simon Danczuk’s case is nothing like that of John Prescott. He needs to stop making excuses and trying to get his critics to “look over there”. Danczuk has to man up.


rob said...

"it shouldn't be different just because he's an MP"

Begs the question as to why, given his behaviour, he is still allowed to be an MP. Mind you that qusetion could be asked of many other MPs. Birds of a feather and all that.

Arnold said...

"Two Shags" Danczuk? .

Anonymous said...

The Heil on Sunday of course called for the expulsion of Major over his porking of Edwina Curry (the small talk must have been wonderful) or Seesil Parkinson and Sarah Keays, to say nothing of assorted tory paedos.

Er, no it didn't. I just made that up the way the Heil makes everything up.

SimonB said...

I keenly await the comment from Hull.

Anonymous said...

Tracey Temple may have consented but I don't think Linda MacDougall did.

Anonymous said...

SD is trying to muddy the waters here once more. The sick irony of all this is this...

Danczuk made his "reputation" from Matt Baker allegedly plagiarising copy and making stuff up for their book on CSA, about an MP who was famous for spanking young adults.

Now Danczuk is grooming young adults, and fantasising about spanking. A predatory alcoholic and bully.

Baker, supposedly on his Cheadle Labour Twitter account is also allegedly following young girls as of last October, in a voyeuristic sense. It has also been rumoured that he has had previous addictions of his own towards the "weaker" sex.

Danczuk admits a serious drinking problem which impairs his judgement, and is selling his poisonous diatribes about his own party to the highest bidder, to Dacre and Murdoch.

And he is claiming the moral high ground here?

Prescott should twat both of these sick idiots for the sake of the Party next week.

rob said...

*Summary of Play from Commons*

Danczuk, having scored some cheap shots at his own skipper, finally was caught out at cow corner from where Zelo Street pointedly covered Simon's dalliances with a slip of girl and another woman who shewed more than just a fine leg.

Labour having been bowled a wrong' un have been stumped as to find an answer.

The Sun after initially shining had to retreat under a cloud and play was suspended until greater light could shone on (their) activities.

(from a forthcoming piece of fiction by Danczuk, Baker and A Third Man)