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Sunday 3 January 2016

Danczuk - The Last Straw

There had been concerns that today’s Mail On Sunday front page lead might not go ahead - after all, more than one paper had shied away at the last minute because of legal threats in the past - but this time, Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk was bang to rights, in graphic detail, and in the words of his first wife Sonia Rossington. He was a bully, an alcoholic, a drug addict, and, it seems, a complete sociopath.
The headline, “My years of abuse by sex text MP: Ex-wife of disgraced Danczuk claims he bullied her into 'sly, awful sex while she was asleep' - then said 'It's the deal, you are my wife' when she complained”, was bad enough. That Ms Rossington also branded Danczuk a “sexual predator” was worse. The confirmation that he had been involved in an affair even before becoming Labour candidate for Rochdale was worse still.

On top of that was his attempt to impose a gagging order on his ex-wife - why else would he do that unless she knew something that would harm his career? - which was later found to be ineffective. The desire to control his partner. The incessant imposition of his demands for regular sex, whatever her response. The love of pornography. The enjoyment of sado-masochism. And the complete and total lack of empathy.

Then there was the dishonesty: Danczuk only admitted to the affair with one of his staff at the now-defunct Vision 21 on pain of having his mobile phone flushed down the pan. He had to be threatened with a DNA test before admitting he was the father of Karen Burke’s (as she was then) child. And his “sexting” of a 17 year old girl, which he kept from his last squeeze Claire Hamilton, only for her to find out and dump him.

Ms Rossington summed it up well when she said “I was completely controlled by him … It was a form of domestic violence, without the hitting. I think he never hit me because he was usually too stoned”. That Danczuk allegedly told her “You’re my wife. I can have sex with you whenever I want”, and that he told her “If you get on the wrong side of me I will destroy you”. The picture that emerges would embarrass any political party.

And that brings us to the investigation the Labour Party has to undertake, following the decision to suspend Danczuk. It is now being reported that he “will apparently be accused of breaching his duty of care to a potential employee, after it was revealed he told student Sophena Houlihan he was “horny” and asked if she wanted him to ‘spank’ her”. That may be enough to have him permanently excluded from the party.

All that would then remain would be Danczuk’s position as an MP: could he hang on as an Independent? It’s been rumoured that UKIP would only accept him if he agreed to a by-election - which, right now, he would lose - and so sitting tight until 2020 would be the only option. But opinion in Rochdale is hardening against Danczuk, with a protest outside his constituency office scheduled for 1100 hours tomorrow.

And that, folks, is why we can now finally see Simon Danczuk, on his way … out.


Anonymous said...

Isn't sex without consent actually rape? No matter if within a marriage, if you are asleep you are not consenting. And it appears Sonia had made it clear it wasn't wanted. This sleazy drunken abusive man can make all the excuses he wants, Karen Danczuk can make excuses for him (without him being in a job who will support her financially?) but it is clear he is unfit to be an MP and must go. However, I doubt he has the moral fibre to to the decent thing.

J said...

According the to the Mirror, Sophena Houlihan was working as a Dominatrix at 16... strange how the other papers are keeping quiet about that little tidbit.

That said, Danzckuk should be fired by Labour... seriously he is doing nothing but bringing the party into disrepute the longer he stays.

Anonymous said...

There you go.
Much more to it.
As usual, we find in tabloid tale-tales.

Why do people keep buying in to it?

A Kelly said...

I thought the first Mrs Danczuk was worried about the effect all the publicity was doing to her children, then she comes out with this?!!

What a horrible bunch, all of them.

http://www.thesocialshuttle.com/ said...

I wonder how this is playing out with the socially conservative Asian community in Rochdale?. I mean they probably overlooked the 'selfie queen' nonsense as harmless but I'm pretty sure they may feel they were had with the 'happily married couple' image that evaporated within weeks of the General Election.

Anonymous said...

You can't hang a man on hearsay and unsubstantiated testimony. Don't particularly like the Danczuk but don't like the manner in which he's being brought down either. Tim, you shouldn't stoop to the standards of the very papers you critique.

Prince Philip said...

Can you be dominated by a 16 year old (unless you're a 12 year old that is)?
What's a 17 year old ex-dominatrix doing suddenly deciding that she's interested in politics and would like to work for Danzckuk? If it's a set-up by the Sun then isn't it the sort of entrapment that that the Fake Sheik was done for?
What odds is Paddy Power offering for the MP as a contestant on Strictly Danzckuk next September?

Stephen said...

Price Philip - yes, of course you can. Both participants play a role. Their relative size and age doesn't matter.

Redpesto said...

Re. First comment: it doesn't even matter that she's asleep - marital rape was made an offence in the mid-90s, so 'you're my wife' isn't a defence.

Anonymous said...

"He was a bully, an alcoholic, a drug addict, and, it seems, a complete sociopath."

Sounds like an ideal recruit for the tories then.

No wonder he was one of the biggest loud mouths opposing Jeremy Corbyn. And a Blairite to boot.

How typical he ended up "writing" for the Scum and Daily Heil - and they turned on him anyway. Rat eats rat.

Merde Doc said...

Sense of humour may be a bar however

Oliver Letwin said...

I warned you what they were like.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. See, those who are long standing critics of all media don't see it or, they are covertly involved?

Either way, they lose.


Anonymous said...

This story fails to mention the 'dominatrix ' issue.

Mark Hollinrake said...


cheebaism said...

Ha ha

Perspective said...

Interesting that the Sun didn't bring the ex employment of the 17year old in to it.
The Sun are big on porn. Does Murdoch have friends in the industry?

Oh dear. More damage coming their way. They (Sun HQ) have managed to shoot themselves and others in the foot again!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the tory/New Labour apologists have been let out for the day.

Anonymous said...

Marriage is absolutely no defence to rape.
Obviously the journalists at the Daily Mail and their legal team will know that, hence all the allegations and suggestions are made by Sonia Rossington. But why have these extremely serious allegation only been made now? After a few days of teasing headlines in the tabloids about having information that wil "finish Danzcuk". Obviously a lurid Sunday tabloid exclusive will have the most traction at the pinnacle of this story's value.
Quite rightly, rape I is one of the most serious criminal offences there is. Rape is massively under-reported for all manner of reasons. Victims are incredibly brave to come forward to seek justice.
Sonia Rossington has accused Simon Danczuk of rape between the lines of a Daily Mail exclusive.
Why the years of delay? Ms Rossington has hardly been a shrinking violet over the years about her bitter divorce.
Will all fees paid for this tabloid exclusive be paid in its entirety to St Mary's Rape crisis centre?
Such serious allegations should never be used as a personal or political vendetta or a means of cashing in.

Anonymous said...

Those on the Icke forum need to be told about using vile tactics for whatever reasons.

They aren't the only ones.

Manipulation is a vile practice which should carry a heavy punishment.

So is coercing people to take part in it.

Lock them up!

Some of them leave enough proof of their foul tactics all over the web.