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Saturday 16 January 2016

Simon Danczuk Takes The Piss

All manner of information concerning Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk has passed before my inspection in the last few months, so much so that there is very little he does that still causes the slightest surprise. But today’s news, broken by the Guardian, that he has instructed solicitors to write to the Labour Party demanding an explanation for his recent suspension, really is jaw-dropping stuff.
As the report tells, “The MP for Rochdale sent a legal letter to Iain McNicol, the party’s general secretary, on Friday which claimed he had received no explanation for his suspension or been told how long it would last … the letter says the suspension is damaging Danczuk’s career. It warns that he could take further action”. Yeah, right. And no doubt he ranks as high as any in Rome.

A word in your shell-like, Si: making a career out of politics depends on behaving in a manner that does not keep causing embarrassment to your chosen party. The Danczuk soap opera was bad enough, even before the messy split from second wife Karen and his subsequently being dumped by latest girlfriend Claire Hamilton. But then comes the real pearler: “The letter says his suspension ‘is detrimental to his career and reputation’”.

Ahem. You have to have a reputation in the first place for something to be detrimental to it. Danczuk’s reputation has gone down the chute of late, with hissexting” a 17 year old girl, absenting himself on a night out when many of his constituents were being flooded out, and then being caught giving an agency exclusive photo rights on his visit to Rossendale Police station - to be interviewed about an historic rape allegation.

And, as to Danczuk wanting to know why he has been suspended, what part of “Child abuse campaigner caught red handed sexting 17 year old girl, telling her about being horny and offering to spank her” does the MP not understand? Just what more does he think needs to be done to bring the Labour Party into disrepute? Does he know that many in his local party do not expect him to be Labour’s candidate in 2020?

Interestingly, the Guardian reported that “The letter has enraged senior Labour party figures, who suspended Danczuk’s membership and withdrew the parliamentary party whip” and quotes a party spokesman telling “Simon Danczuk’s membership of the party remains suspended. It would not be appropriate for the Labour party to comment further while there is an ongoing police investigation”.

The Guardian, famously, does not pay for contributions or tip-offs. Danczuk is equally notorious for trying to monetise any and every piece of news about Himself Personally Now. And one would not expect the lawyers writing the letter to pass a copy to the press. So my Occam’s Razor points to the leak being down to exasperation within the Labour Party at this latest slice of self-publicity.

Simon Danczuk is quite at liberty to spend his money on solicitor’s letters. But this is just taking the piss. It will not gain him any friends, and will influence no-one.


monksoham said...

I do not think he has been well for some time.

Anonymous said...

It's a toss up (geddit??!!) which other party he would join quickest - UKIP or the tories.

It goes without saying he's a product of the New Labour PLP, the gang loathed by grass roots members. And hopefully soon to be booted out for the traitors they are.

Anonymous said...

Looks someone who is trying to secure a berth in The Jungle or Big Brother House.

Unknown said...

Mr danczuk is really putting Rochdale on the map for the wrong reason, being in the spotlight appears to be nothing more than self promotion. The only people I feel sorry for are his kids having him as a father and that vile excuse for a woman karen danczuk.

Anonymous said...

Sir Simon Danczuk's reputation? Reputation for what exactly? Basically he's up in arms because his seedy money-making activities have been compromised.

Wait until the truth about his PR man Baker comes out - chickens will come home to roost!

Phil said...

Now there's a solicitor at Bindman's who is rolling their eyes and pocketing the cheque.

Anonymous said...

I'm a tory and I resent your implication that we'd take your scum.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 18:34.

Quite right.

The tories are already topped up with scum.