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Wednesday 13 January 2016

Danczuk Police Photo-Op Busted

The ability of Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk to turn any situation into an opportunity to score More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now was never more starkly illustrated than when he voluntarily attended a Lancashire Police station yesterday to be interviewed under caution over an historical allegation of rape. Most politicians would keep such occasions low key. Not Danczuk.
Not for Simon Danczuk the quiet and anonymous visit to the cop shop, followed by the briefest of statements to the media well after he had made himself scarce: for him, this was yet another opportunity to make money, and, if possible, thousands of pounds worth of it. You think I jest? Let’s look at a selection of those media reports from yesterday.

Some were brief and to the point: the BBC merely toldLancashire Police said a 49-year-old old man had "voluntarily" attended a station by prior appointment”. A still from a recent video was included in the item. The Guardian also stuck to stating the facts, and included a recent snap. That same photo was also used by Sky News (“first for breaking wind”). But the Mail, Sun and Mirror got images taken outside Rossendale Police station. They were the only photos taken on the day - via agency iCelebTV.

Those papers who tried to follow Danczuk’s journey to Rossendale were given the slip, I’m told, as the MP did not spend the previous night at one of his usual haunts. The first thing the press knew was when news came through that Danczuk had attended for interview, an agency had the exclusive photo rights, and would they all like to open their wallets in order to use one or more of the snaps? Ker-ching!!

The Mirror stumped up for two snaps, filling out its on-line copy with older photos. The wealthier Mail bought more, and also a video. The Sun, which I’m informed had been given the slip earlier in the day, took just one. But the Mail and Sun then exposed the full extent of the money-grubbing racket when they also included a photo of ex-wife Karen “leaving the gym” - also credited to iCelebTV!

In fact, the Sun went further, specifically crediting both sets of photos to snapper Donny Ryan. So it has to be assumed that Ryan was tipped off by both Danczuk and his former wife as to their movements yesterday. They were both in on the money-making scheme. And it gets worse: it has been put to Zelo Street that sums as high as £5,000 were being demanded in exchange for rights to publish all those photos.

You read that right: Simon Danczuk has a claim of rape made against him, attends a Police station for interview, and arranges for an agency to have an exclusive, together with yet another staged photo-op with his wannabe and publicity-hungry ex-wife. It takes some brass neck to manipulate something so serious for personal gain. And it is not the first recent occasion that Danczuk has used a photo-op for personal financial gain.

Who at Rochdale CLP still wants to defend their MP now? Don’t all shout at once.


Anonymous said...

Some folk will say Danczuk & Baker are thieves, no scruples in sight, despite all their childish bleating.

Can imagine them rubbing their hands together with glee - "a rape charge - that'll be 5k, very nice thank you".

Someone just needs to catch them with their hands in the till....

rob said...

Just another carpet bagger in the Houses of Parliament. When will the decent MPs, there must be a few around, rise up against them? It would help if whoever was in Government, of whatever hue, didn't hold out rewards and gongs and even ministerial posts to non deservers.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt "entrepreneurial" tory/New Labour Britain in full decay.

What a disgusting country we have become.

Anonymous said...

My advice to anyone who introduces him/her self as a Murdoch/Dacre "journalist" is to immediately punch him/her in the face.

You'll only want to do it later.

pete c. said...

And leeches at places like iCelebTV will be held up by the likes of Osborne and his ilk as being excellent examples of all those jobs they are creating.

Sick bucket please.

SteveB said...

an interesting legal point may be coming over the horizon.

Rape charge is one thing but if that were to become rape conviction I'd say the Proceeds of Crime Act would come into play. Any payment to Danczuk would be forfeited, and if iShits were working as his agent then hopefully theirs as well.

Harrysmate said...

If people didn't slavishly buy those comics known as 'Mirror' and 'Sun ', there wouldn't be a market for this kind of sh!te journalism. Danczuk has these clowns at his beck and call and has them eating out of the palm of his hand. More fool them. At least what he is doing is legal, (if not morally acceptable) which is more than can be said for many of his 'Housemates' at Westminster.