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Wednesday 13 January 2016

Don’t Menshn Bombing Iran

Overnight, reports have come in concerning two US patrol boats which strayed into Iranian territorial waters after one had developed mechanical trouble. The Iranian authorities detained the ten sailors aboard the boats, but after discussions with Washington, and their own investigation, agreed that the incursion was not deliberate, and that there was no intention of spying. All ten have now been released.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

Thus the first significant test of the new and less hostile relationship between Washington and Tehran was passed, but there were many on the right who were not at all happy, and had no problem in attacking The Prez for being insufficiently bellicose. Had such opinions prevailed during the Cuban Missile Crisis, none of us would be around nowadays, but that thought was not allowed to enter.
One of those attacking the Obama administration for its successful resolution of the incident was, you guessed it, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch, who went off the end of the pier in no style at all. “#Iran takes US Navy hostages. @potus @BarackObama - nothing. ‘A day that will live in apathy’ … Oh yeah, Barack O'Carter is hella successful on the world stage” she frothed. So Jimmy Carter didn’t order military action?
Neither did Ronald Reagan. But do go on: “This is a simple one. If I were president Iran would return our sailors  or face airstrikes. Deal would be off either way … Furthermore even if they averted an air campaign, @HassanRouhani palace would be rubble by 9am tomorrow”. But the sailors were then released.
This was a mere detail to Ms Mensch: “Hey @HillaryClinton it's 3 a.m. Any comment? Thought not”. Very good, Hill is not in power. She left the Obama administration some time ago. No matter, there was a photo of the sailors, clearly unharmed. So what did she have to say to that good news? “Air strikes now”. She’s all heart.
Even when the penny dropped, and she realised that the sailors had been released, there was no let-up: “I know they've been released. Obama should now strike @HassanRouhani palace into rubble … THE SHAME airstrikes now”. But there were not going to be any airstrikes. So she changed tack and prodded the GOP’s Presidential hopefuls.
Want to hear from GOP candidates what they would do about #Iran #IranHostageCrisis and 'cancel the deal' is insufficient”. That the moment of crisis was by now long gone did not occur to her. Even the sight of the one female sailor covering her hair set the ranting off again: “American sailor forced into sexist dress by Iranian pigs”.

Fortunately, at moments like this, as with the Cuba stand-off over half a century ago, wiser minds than that of Louise Mensch are brought to bear, and common sense prevails. And remember, they allowed her to become an MP.


Andy McDonald said...

She really is quite insane.

Anonymous said...

UnterMensch is a nothing, a nobody, when compared to what's at stake here.

The USA has been a rogue state almost from its inception, hundreds of wars undertaken without the permission of Congress, a nation scarcely able to exist without its oligarchs finding an external enemy to justify their and its existence.

The most infamous example is the Vietnam war and how it was finally instigated after twenty years of covert (and not so covert) support for the rump French Empire. It was just another false flag corruption, for which see http://nsarchive.gwu.edu/NSAEBB/NSAEBB132/tapes.htm

Western destabilisation and mass murder in the Middle East is the latest example. It will get worse, probably by proxy in the relative short term.

Anyone who thinks this latest incursion was an "accident" is living in cloud cuckoo land. Meanwhile Mensch is a tenth rate media tin drummer, nothing more.

pete c. said...

All things considered, a fair chance that HC might well have been involved, if only even advisory.

And she'd really take time out to respond to a premier league muppet from the UK? I think not.

Must be really hard being La Mensch. To have smelt power in the air but to have been unable to grab any.

What a biter and twisted granny she is going to be.

rob said...

Complete the following senrence in your own time:

News UK take no responsiblity for the tweets or opinions of stark raving bonkers columnists. We pay them stonking amounts of dosh because ............

I can think of a few but am open to suggestions. #smileyface

Rivo said...

Good god, she's even more insane than I thought!
Launching retaliatory strikes against Iran after they returned the sailors would be an excellent way for all American troops in the region to become labelled KOS while simultaneously trashing the remaining shreds of American reputation in the Middle East and probably beyond.

Anonymous said...

Is she worth your time any more, Tim?

Anonymous said...

in their famous encounter on QT john lydon cast doubt on her claims to have used illicit substances in the past, but after seeing her latest insane rantings its hard not to believe she didnt do some permanent damage to her brain somewhere along the way.

Andy McDonald said...

Whatever the case, she's a nothing. She gave up a perfectly good career as a novelist to become an MP. Then when she wasn't rewarded straight away for existing, she leapt across the Atlantic into the arms of Murdoch. Now what is she? An opinionista, stuck in an apartment, with zero influence on anything save her TV volume control, relentlessly tweeting while watching that big old city clunk along happily around, and oblivious to her.

I wonder sometimes if she ever thinks about what she could be doing - opening a fete in Corby, helping a distressed constituent with their issues, plugging away as a junior minister in some minor department, even writing another chick-lit novel. Instead she's like a modern day Travis Bickle, only having swapped the gun for a Blackberry.

redpesto said...

Malice or stupidty? It's increasingly hard to tell these days.