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Sunday 7 October 2012

Top Six – October 7

So what’s hot, and what’s not, in the past week’s blogging? Here are the six most popular posts on Zelo Street for the past seven days, counting down in reverse order, because, well, I’m off to Birkenhead later. So there.

6 Cameron’s Chairman Buyer’s Remorse Ever since Young Dave gave the party chairmanship to occasional MP and professional spiv Grant Shapps, the bad news about the latter’s past has kept on coming out. Cameron could have found that out beforehand. Why didn’t he?

5 Jimmy Savile And The Press They all kept quiet until after he died, but the knowledge of Savile’s habits went well beyond the BBC. But none of them published, although they were happy enough to risk legal action kicking anyone and everyone else.

4 Dick’s Desperate Dirt Digging Richard Littlejohn joined the Beeb bashing, and also tried to smear the Leveson Inquiry with the Savile business. But he too kept quiet over it all.

3 Team Shambles Award For DfT The award of the InterCity West Coast (ICWC) rail franchise to First Group was binned at the last moment as the Government implicitly admitted that Virgin Rail Group (VRG) were right with their legal challenge over the award. The sums were short of £400 million on risk payments.

2 West Coast – After The Storm After the rail shambles from the DfT, we looked at what comes next. The whole franchising concept may not be fit for purpose, so what could replace it? And what about customers and taxpayers?

1 Del Boy Gets One In The Eye James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole got mentioned in Private Eye. This was the cue for Del Boy to unleash a mardy strop and claim the magazine was dead, which was down to his usual standard of veracity: the Eye has never been more popular. Harry says marvellous.

And that’s the end of another blogtastic week, blog pickers. Not ‘arf!

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