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Friday 5 October 2012

Flannelled Fool Falls Foul Of Watson

Five years ago, a then anonymous attack blog criticised Nick Ward, a candidate for the presidency of Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA), on the basis of his sexuality. That blog, EUSAless (ho ho ho) we now know to have been substantially the work of the odious flannelled fool Henry Cole, although he characteristically pretended not to be involved – until he got caught.

I can suggest what I want, cos I'm on telly!

Those who have encountered Master Cole in the years since will not be surprised to see him go for the defamatory sexual preference smear as his first line of attack: Zelo Street regulars have seen him try that one with me – just for showing him up as a clueless clown – and now he is in hot water with Labour MP Tom Watson after potentially overstepping the line following the Jimmy Savile revelations.

Where’s Watson?” demanded Cole, suggesting erroneously that because the MP has been on the case of the Murdochs, he should also now go after whichever persons and organisations Cole deems to be involved with Savile. Then he added “Does he believe the one rogue paedophile line?”, all of which could be taken to suggest Watson had some knowledge of the affair.

Cole now claims that his Tweet was “deliberately misconstrued”, but as so often, just when he didn’t need a yet bigger idiot to rush to his side only to foul things up, along came Dennis Rice, who styles himself Tabloid Troll, to allege that Watson had been “squealing ... about being called a nonce”. “Nonce” is slang for “sex offender”. Cole, to compound the idiocy, then retweeted that one.

Alongside this has come another slice of rank hypocrisy from the flannelled fool: he is complaining bitterly that Watson is trying to “have him silenced by higher powers”. That would be the same individual who made a defamatory and untrue claim to staff at the BBC and Guardian about me, with the clear intention of having me silenced. Now the boot is firmly on the other foot, well, it’s just not fair! Waaah!!

Trying to smear those you don’t like with baseless allegations of illegal and frankly repulsive sexual preference is bang out of order. But Henry Cole is more than happy to go there (and, by the same token, accuse others of doing likewise) when it suits his purpose. If he were to be taken to the cleaners over such behaviour, that could be what it takes to cause him to grow up and desist.

So if Tom Watson makes any request to me for information demonstrating Cole’s readiness to smear others, I will be more than willing to let him have access to it. And, in the meantime, if anyone knows of more instances of the flannelled fool telling malicious and defamatory stories about me or anyone else, the email address at right can be contacted in confidence.

And there will only be one person for Cole to blame: himself. Another fine mess.

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