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Sunday 18 September 2011

Paul Dacre Must ... Get One In The Eye

Those who dissent from the bullying and dictatorial leadership style of the Daily Mail’s legendarily foul mouthed editor have something to cheer them in the latest issue of Private Eye (# 1297), which carries two snippets on The Great Man in its Street of Shame column.

Firstly, the Eye notes the serialisation of Joan Collins’ new book in the Mail, and that she bemoans the “almost commonplace” use of four-letter words, saying that “the C-word was verboten for years. I still consider it a nasty expletive that is demeaning to women”.

Who says I'm in the f***ing Eye again?

Street of Shame goes on: “Could this implied rebuke to Mail editor Paul Dacre explain why, after years of c***ing and double-c***ing, he now calls his staff ‘f***ing tossers’ instead?”.

But pride of place goes to the second piece of goss: “Dacre is rather taken with the singer Beyonce Knowles, whom he likes to bring up in editorial meetings at any opportunity ... Unfortunately, so scared are his staff of displeasing him that no-one has dared correct his pronunciation of her name. So staff have to remember to refer to her at all times in the editor’s hearing as ‘Bouncy’”.

Ridicule is something that the deeply unpleasant Dacre so richly deserves, and hopefully the Eye will continue to serve it up.

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