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Thursday 22 September 2011

Nadine And The Shortness Of Memory

Last Monday on her “blog” – in reality a comment-free bully pulpit – Tory MP for Mid-Narnia (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries sang the praises of a right leaning commentator who had posted on ConservativeHome. Thus far, nothing is surprising about such an event: Dorries is a Conservative. But the commentator was Bruce “Brute” Anderson.

Anderson was not in receipt of such praise back on April 8 2009, when he was part of a panel discussing events under a future Tory Government. The other speakers were Andrew Haldenby of REFORM, Iain Dale, and Dorries, who posted her thoughts on her blog. Sadly, that post has not survived, but Dale very kindly quoted much of it on his own blog, which can be read today.

Iain Dale was in no doubt as to Anderson’s behaviour: “I have to say I was appalled by the behaviour of Bruce Anderson towards Nadine. Throughout her speech he interrupted, and when he wasn’t interrupting he was whispering very loudly so as to put her off”.

Dorries concurs: “Bruce Anderson was bloody rude ... I stood to reply, at which point Bruce Anderson began to talk, loudly, to the person sat next to him, and he carried on and did not stop”.

Anderson’s interruptions even caused the normally mild-mannered Dale to momentarily lose it, demanding of the Brute “Bruce, will you stop being so f***ing obnoxious”. It was clear from Dale’s and Dorries’ accounts that Anderson was not flavour of the month with either.

But, happily, all is now forgiven, and Dorries can say of the Brute “You won’t read anything as good as this anywhere else today”. And what is this wonderful and enlightening article? More formulaic anti-EU knocking copy. You can get the same drivel in the Daily Mail or Maily Telegraph.

But it does have the advantage of showing how short and selective some memories can be.

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