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Friday 16 September 2011

If It’s Kinnock Related, Smear It

There has been a general election in Denmark. This would not, by itself, normally be sufficient to awake the Fourth Estate more than momentarily, except that the leader of the Social Democrats, the largest party in the potential ruling coalition, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, is married to a bloke called Stephen Kinnock. Pitching that name is enough to arouse interest.

So while the Guardian has reported the event, and confirmed that Ms Thorning-Schmidt is indeed the daughter-in-law of Neil and Glenys, the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre and his obedient hackery have gone for the old-fashioned smear. There are, it seems, allegations being made against the couple, and the Daily Mail wouldn’t want to be beaten to the punch.

And therefore while the Guardian merely relays the election news, the Mail recycles accusations made about Stephen Kinnock’s sexuality – the couple have two daughters – and suggests there are problems with the marriage, as Kinnock works in Switzerland, something that gives Dacre’s finest more smear opportunities, as he works at the World Economic Forum.

So the Mail can also recycle accusations of tax evasion, inferring that Kinnock is getting away with paying less tax because he is taxed on his earnings in Switzerland. But he works in Switzerland: that’s like complaining that someone working in the UK pays their taxes in the UK. Only in the land of the Daily Mail does anyone have to pay income tax in a different country merely because of their surname.

And the first line of the Mail report is preposterous: “Neil Kinnock is finally getting a taste of leading a country” it starts. Like Young Dave’s mum enjoys executive power over 10 Downing Street, you mean? The dog-whistle smearing may have the desired effect, but heck, there’s no way it makes sense.

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