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Friday 30 September 2011

Dicky Windbag Kicks The Gays

Yesterday I looked at Steve Doughty’s piece in the Daily Mail – just what his legendarily foul mouthed editor ordered – which took recent survey data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and skilfully slanted it to fit the already written headline. I also told that this would give the green light for tedious and unfunny churnalist Richard Littlejohn to kick the gays, and to expect that the next day.

And Dicky Windbag has not disappointed: “Whatever the BBC say, Britain is still mainly white, Christian and straight” trumpets the million pound hack. But the level of accuracy is as dodgy as ever: “According to the ONS, it is the definitive study” asserts Dick, seemingly oblivious to the two words “Experimental Statistics” in large capitals at the top of every page.

But never mind that – and the possibility that many won’t discuss their sexuality in face-to-face interviews or over the phone when a significant part of the print media (guess which title that might mean) tells its readers that being gay is not, repeat not, normal – this is enough for Dick to lay into gays, Stonewall, and of course the dastardly BBC.

After all, 70% of the population are Christian – which Dick endorses, while slipping in the “BBC banning BC/AD” fairytale to order, and on cue – but then when he finds that just 4.4% of that same population are Muslim, he isn’t happy with the “definitive” survey (“seems like an under-estimate – especially if you live in London”). Littlejohn knows this because he lives in, er, Florida.

And, with the target in his sights, he’s off: “accepted picture ... peddled by ... the social engineering industry and endorsed ... by the BBC. Practising Christians are regarded as a dangerous minority cult to be persecuted and harassed”, “news bulletins and dramas refracted through the prism of diversity”, “no ... series is complete without a ... gay storyline”.

All boxes are ticked as Dick reaches the home straight: “News reports and documentaries ... presented from a Leftist, metropolitan perspective”, “every school classroom they see ... on the BBC ... full of little girls in Muslim headscarves”, and of course “Question Time audiences ... resembling a Guardian leader writer’s fantasy of what Britain should look like”.

But Dick knows what the problem is: “BBC producers, quangocrats and Left-wing political activists only ever meet other people like themselves” he declares. That would be as opposed to those who cower behind the gates of their Florida compound and don’t meet anyone else at all.

Not even someone to explain to them what “Experimental Statistics” means.


Five Chinese Crackers said...

Surely Richard Littlejohn is aware of the concept of homosexuals being in the closet?

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Plus (sorry for the double post) I love the way he's using figures from people he's denounced as liars as evidence he's right.