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Saturday 7 May 2011

Victory! TPA No Longer Sponging Off The Taxpayer

Almost exactly a month ago, at the prompting of an eagle-eyed party who occasionally looks in on Zelo Street, I considered the hypocrisy of the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance (TPA), who were very much against any kind of taxpayer funded campaigning, while happy to use a taxpayer funded resource for their own ends.

So, in the name of thoroughness, I’ve been having another look at the job adverts on the w4mp.org website – started via EU funding and maintained as a taxpayer funded resource – to see whether the TPA is still happy to sponge off those taxpayers in whose name it claims to operate.

And it is with some satisfaction that I can reveal that, although the job board on the site has opportunities advertised going back well past the TPA advert on which I passed adverse comment, that advert is no longer there. Moreover, searching the job list using the term “Taxpayers Alliance” brings up no matches.

Thus a most satisfactory conclusion: the TPA seems to have vanished from the w4mp.org jobs board, and has not posted there since. This is as it should be: if they are against taxpayer funded campaigning – and they claim to be a campaigning organisation – then any and all adverts the TPA places should be paid for at the market rate.

In the meantime, Zelo Street will see a modest victory celebration. And w4mp.org will continue to be monitored.

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Anonymous said...

Could it be that the position was filled?