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Tuesday 10 May 2011

The Vainly Scrabbling Dick

At the end of yet another tedious, unfunny, and hopelessly unoriginal column in today’s Daily Mail, Fat Dick Littlejohn attempts a witty sign-off as he contemplates updates to the “Scrabble Bible” (as if his readers are going to be fussed over the volume, or Dick’s take on it).

'Ere, I can use innit, innit?!?

Littlejohn is exercised by the legitimacy of “made-up words” in Scrabble. His best shot at illustrating this is to hark back to an episode of The Sweeney. But that misses the very best Scrabble event on recent TV: if only Dick had gone back a little further, and was willing once in a while to concede that there is stuff worth watching on the hated BBC.

Because the definitive, and by far the funniest, Scrabble game ever on TV has to be Men Of Letters, one of the best-known episodes of Steptoe and Son. Enjoy!

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