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Saturday 28 May 2011

It’s The Stateside Pippa!

Those already fed up with the wall-to-wall coverage given by the cheaper end of the Fourth Estate to Pippa Middleton will no doubt be relieved that the hype has been dying down recently. But as they say on the football results, look away now: the circus may not have finished with Pippa, but merely moved across the north Altantic.

Yes, the latest rumour, coming from the National Enquirer (OK, not the most reliable news source) is that the younger Middleton sister is being courted by both Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey to do either a “reality” show, or even her own talk show, which would be interesting, given that all Pippa has done in front of the camera thus far is to stand there and smile.

Both Walters and Winfrey, according to “sources close to [them]” are in “hush-hush” talks [note that the National Enquirer site will not open if it detects a UK IP address]. Why they should want to employ someone with no media track record is explained away by telling that “Americans are so obsessed with the Royals”.

Is there any substance to the rumour? Well, the USA does seem to enjoy anything Royal – even Sarah Ferguson made a few dollars there – but thus far, the Daily Mail and Maily Telegraph haven’t picked it up. If Oprah’s OWN network sniffs ratings, they may try and set up a deal.

But, I suspect, the Middletons and the Royals wouldn’t be happy, even if Pippa was. So ultimately it won’t happen, but the press will flog the story to death: the tabs will run the rumour next week, if they miss out tomorrow.

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