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Thursday 26 May 2011

A Sad Story From Lymington – Update 3

Supporters of sacked South West Trains (SWT) ticket clerk Ian Faletto yesterday experienced their moment of truth, although whether they yet understand the situation is not known. That moment came in the reception area of Friars Bridge Court, the office block on Blackfriars Road where SWT has its London HQ.

A ten strong delegation, led by Tory MP Desmond Swayne and the ever hopeful Rev. Alex Russell, arrived at the building bearing a petition in support of Faletto, signed by around 8,000 individuals. SWT agreed that the Rev. Russell could take the petition through security to their offices, but the delegation demanded instead that SWT send out a “big cheese” to see them, and receive the petition in the reception area.

SWT management declined the invitation, and it seems that a confrontation then occurred between the now disappointed delegation and the Friars Bridge Court security staff, who are not part of SWT. Swayne has vowed to present the petition to the Commons after the upcoming recess, and SWT have reiterated the line that the matter of Faletto’s dismissal is, as far as they are concerned, closed.

What was not known at the time – and is why I held off until today before posting an update – was whether the national press was still interested. A scan of this morning’s copy suggests that it is not. That, together with the delegation’s ineffective appearance yesterday, is why this was the moment of truth, and that truth is that the Mail and Telegraph have, indeed, thrown Faletto under the bus.

Had the Mail still been interested, the confrontation at Friars Bridge Court would have been ideal why-oh-why copy, and perfect timing, too: a splash today would lead into more SWT bashing by Littlejohn tomorrow, with any problems on SWT’s services over the bank holiday weekend an excuse to keep the story running.

Instead, the obedient hackery of the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre has clearly looked again at the story, thought better of it, and instead gone off after Cheryl Cole. Ian Faletto has had his fifteen minutes, there’s the Christian GP story to fall back on, and Desmond Swayne and his delegation are out of time.

I’ll keep watch on the case, and post another update next week – if there is anything to update, of course.

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