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Friday 20 May 2011

Murdoch Is Served (36)

Just when Rupe’s troops thought it was safe to go back in the water, back into view comes the dorsal fin signifying the return of the beast that is Phonehackgate. And this time there is a significant new development: another name is about to be named, and it’s a very senior name.

The executive at the Screws is described in the BBC report as “senior”, but the Guardian has gone withvery senior”, which suggests that not only is it someone at the top of the management pile, but that they have seen the name. Already, across the country, the simple addition of two plus two is generally equalling four.

What has precipitated the release of this news is the case of actor Jude Law, one of five test cases being considered by Mr Justice Vos (the others being MP Chris Bryant, sports agent Sky Andrew, pundit Andy Gray and interior designer Kelly Hoppen, who is Sienna Miller’s stepmother).

Law’s QC has claimed that the “very senior” executive actually ordered private investigator Glenn Mulcaire to target Law. Hugh Tomlinson has also asserted that the attention given to Law was “tantamount to harassment”. That would be serious, whoever did the ordering.

So who is the name in the frame? If it’s “very senior”, and it’s not someone at director level, then it has to be the editor, deputy editor, or someone close to them. Assuming it’s not someone who has already been arrested, it’s looking like that name is either someone close to Andy Coulson ... or that it is Andy Coulson.

Which would explain Coulson’s departure from the service of Young Dave earlier this year. The Beeb’s June Kelly has called it a “bombshell moment”. It’s all getting very, very interesting.

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