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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Tuesday Travel: Santorini

Following the recent series of programmes about the Atlantis myth, and the probability that Plato was inspired by the Minoan kingdom, and its downfall following the eruption of Thira and subsequent tsunami, I dug out the now decade old images of modern Santorini: here is a small selection.


The eruption of the volcano – which still smoulders out in the middle of the caldera – blew the island apart, with the tsunami devastating the northern coast of Crete. The event is probably linked to the biblical exodus from Egypt, with the tsunami first making the waters of the Reed Sea retreat, then engulfing the Egyptian army.

Nice setting for breakfast

Nowadays, Santorini consists of the town of Fira, on the east coast of the island overlooking the caldera, the village of Oia on the northern tip, and resort villages on the west coast. Excavations of the ancient civilisation that once lived on the island continue in the south of the island, at Akrotiri.

Looking out over the caldera

Some visitors are from cruise ships that moor in the caldera on their way around the Mediterranean, some prefer the traditional and slower journey out from the Greek mainland by ferry, while package tourists and many more arrive by air.


Considering the population is around 12,500, having an airport, and one capable of handling middling size jet airliners, might seem over-generous. But then, the Greek military is present here, not that you should point a camera at them.

Greek urn, that's what

Some tourists insist on hiring a car for their stay on the island, but there is not much in the way of a road network. The local KTEL run an inexpensive and often frequent bus service. And the weather tends to be dry most of the time.

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