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Wednesday 16 March 2011

Del Boy And The Green Subsidy

The Zelo Street house has been visited today by the insulation men. That’s insulation as in loft: I’d been aware for a while, especially during last December, that the existing stuff was either patchy or even absent in part of the building. But, thanks to the Government’s green agenda, all is now well.

So who do I have to thank for this good fortune? Well, the visit doesn’t come free, but at 99 quid, the cost to me is a fraction of the market rate, which is around £450. This means – you guessed it – that there has been some kind of subsidy at work.

But, so what? I pay my taxes, so am entitled to benefit from the green agenda as much as the next householder. This, though, is too prosaic an explanation to yield as much pleasure as to think of it in terms of someone else having to stump up most of the cash – someone who cannot abide or otherwise come to terms with anything called green or environmentally friendly.

So it is that I have declared the new loft insulation at the Zelo Street house the James Delingpole Greenie Eco-Fascist Libtard Huhne Trophy Memorial Loft Insulation. I’m sure that Del Boy will be more than happy – well, maybe not – to have contributed something to the environment, even though it’s more than 160 miles away.

That subsidy hit couldn’t happen to a more deserving bloke.

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