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Sunday, 29 November 2020

Kassam On Cadwalladr - Pants On Fire

After the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog published a highly creative attack on the Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr last week, claiming that her reporting was a “hoax”, “complete cock’n’bull” and “fairy tales”, it was inevitable that their fellow travellers would soon be along with more in the same vein.

Ray backs another loser

So it was that Doug Murray The K, still trying and failing to make bigotry a subject of intellectual rigour, demanded in the increasingly alt-right Spectator magazine that Ms Cadwalladr should be stripped of her Orwell Prize. And then came the prize specimen to end all prize specimens, Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam.

Kassam’s rant has been keenly promoted by the inmates of Leave EU, which figures, given that the lawsuit that prompted The Great Guido’s attack involved Arron Banks, and that the most likely Fawkes informant was the appallingly slippery Andy Wigmore. We need not read the body of this dirge; the headline tells us all we need to know.

KASSAM ON CADWALLADR … There should be no reward for knowingly lying in journalism, in fact, quite the opposite. There should be harsh and punitive measures to discourage activists masquerading as reporters and leading the public astray” it reads.

That’s the same Raheem Kassam who had his Facebook page taken down last year, although it was later reinstated. The same Raheem Kassam who dishonestly called the Muslim Council of Britain a “fifth column”, and who attacked George Soros, ranting “Soros doesn’t care about immigrants. He cares about his pockets. His greedy and treasonous actions impoverished so many people”. The Disloyal Jew once more.

The same Raheem Kassam who claimed that London was being “colonised”, that a takeaway on Edgware Road was evidence of hatred, and then went on to write a book about “No Go Zones”. Which has also been shown to be another pack of lies. The same Raheem Kassam who claimedPunish A Muslim Day” was a fake “staged by a Muslim”. The suspect, David Parnham from Lincoln, was charged with 14 separate offences.

Kassam is, whisper it quietly, an activist masquerading as a journalist, as well as someone who talks well, but lies badly. Plus he is an advocate of free speech unless it’s a woman journalist he doesn’t like, and then he’s in favour of authoritarian censorship. Moreover, he has significant previous in creepily and obsessively attacking Ms Cadwalladr.

Those attacks have included multiple mental health smears, sexist and misogynist language, and claiming that - yes, him again - Ms Cadwalladr is in the pay of George Soros. Which is yet another pack of lies. And most likely Kassam knew that.

Hello Ray. Here’s your sorry arse on a plate. Now run along. You’re welcome.

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Anonymous said...

The British right wing is more extreme each day. An inevitable development as capitalism shows just how inhuman it is...profiteering on the backs of death and disease.

Which means those who tell the truth are targetted by hired cowards like Kassam.

After decades of this worsening filth ask yourself what the logical conclusion is. After all, there are precedents for this corrosive evil and how it rots the human spirit.