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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Toby Young And A Decimal Point

Those who look in from the outside to the hermetically sealed world of the Media Establishment long ago concluded that one thing they could see clearly, and those inside the bubble could not, was the total lack of self-awareness in the inmates. Worse, as this was a sealed world, there was ultimately no penalty for bad behaviour or intellectual inadequacy. Hence the presence of the loathsome Toby Young.

Tobes can letch at under-age girls, indulge in crude and puerile LAD BANTER, and talk well while lying badly, but those broadcast media bookers keep on inviting him back. So it has been with the Coronavirus pandemic: as has now been immortalised by Private Eye magazine, he infamously claimed last June that there would be no second wave, adding “The virus has melted into thin air”. Yesterday, another 598 deaths were recorded.

He has continued the idiocy this morning by taking a speculative study reported by the Daily Mail as fact (not always a good idea) and concluding “New study suggests more than five million Britons have had the coronavirus. Given that ~50,000 people have died from it, that means it has an IFR of <0.1%. That’s roughly the same as seasonal flu”.

But here a problem enters: 50,000 is not 0.1% of five million, but 1%. Which makes Covid-19 ten times more lethal than flu, which is sort of the point. Rob Davies of the Guardian let him down gently: "50,000 expressed as a percentage of five million is 1%” MP Toby Perkins added “His sums are out by a factor of 10, but it’s deaths we’re talking about so no biggie, eh? This is the sort of idiot the government think we should be listening to”.

And so it went on, with Brian Moore musing “I take it Toby Young didn't do a maths degree”. Andrew Parnall asked “Dear Toby Young, I am appallingly bad at maths but isn't the IFR actually 1% or 10 times seasonal flu not <0.1%? Was this 'study' done on all of your fingers and all of your toes?” One Tweeter added “‘Toby Young’ trending is usually good for a laugh, and today is no exception”. And there was more.

Brexit Buster put it in perspective. “If numerically challenged Toby Young had 0.1% more brain function he would be 1% less of a complete knobhead - not a lot, but still statistically significant”. Will Black added “The fact that thicko Toby Young hasn't even deleted this embarassing tweet is telling. The Tories wanted him as a university advisor. He got into Oxford by 'administrative error' - perhaps after daddy called his college”.

Chas Newkey-Burden was on the same page: “Toby Young there, showing that an expensive education and all the connections in the world can't stop you being a fool”. Alexander Clarkson concluded “Again, the key question is not ‘why does Toby Young says stupid things?’ The key question is ‘what structural dysfunction in the British media and political system has enabled Toby Young to get so much attention and influence through saying stupid things?’” Got it in one. The media establishment circle jerk strikes again.

Tobes so wants to believe the drivel he spouts about the pandemic that he just can’t help himself doing something stupid. Yet his opinion continues to be sought out.

Toby Young is not yet irredeemably stupid. But you can see it from there.

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Anonymous said...

Pigshit tobes really should have stuck with the Phil Mitchell stunt double tribute act price tag. Surely more future there than as a maffmaticien?

Arnold said...

Tweet now deleted.

https://mobile.twitter.com/seeds_we_sow/status/1328974476550299648/photo/1 sums it up.

Anonymous said...

There's been a constant attempt by these rags to push the idea that the fatality rate of covid is the same as the flu. The Mail a few weeks ago were saying it was only killing 1 in 500 infected and Tobe's nonsense is a variant on this theme.


Problem being if it was only 0.1% then that means 50 million Britons already have had the virus. If we look at New York's death rate and applied the same then more people have had the virus than there are actual New Yorkers.

The early figures assumed it was 0.5-1%, or 5-10x worse than the flu. Am sure the Chinese even told Trump this as he was talking about covid being '5x worse' in his interview with Bob Woodward.

As time goes by those numbers have been pretty static - with variance related to age/underlying issues - meaning the doctors and medical people got their sums right early on.

Conclusion: Would be nice if the papers fired fucking idiots who wilfully misrepresent data and lie about a critical health emergency.

Anonymous said...

The truly sad thing is that Slaphead Moron is typical of corporate media bullshitters.

Mostly it's like watching a hamster on a caged treadmill while expecting it to talk to you.

Ferdy Fox said...

A perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that an innumerate fool Captain Bellend isn't involved with children's education...

Oh... :-(

Jonathan said...

Tobes corrected his Tweet, claiming he had been up all night, Tobes didn't enlighten his audience on what had kept the great man so preoccupied into the wee small hours...

Poor Tobes, clearly is glutton for punishment, a little research and checking would save Cap'n Bellend from being the butt of Lefty humour.