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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Gerard Batten - Nurse, The Screens!

UKIP once boasted a double-figure number of MEPs, and even two MPs, although neither had first entered Parliament on that party’s ticket. Then, as former party leader Nigel “Thirsty” Farage went to seek his media fortune in the USA, the Kippers went through several disastrous changes of leadership, as well as a significant amount of infighting.

I em not a racialist but, und zis is a big but ...

One of those leaders was Gerard Batten. And what he is peddling right now explains much of why UKIP fell so far and so fast, and why Oberscheissenführer Farage felt it necessary to invent the Brexit Party in order to continue his ride on the European Parliament gravy train, something to which he had become accustomed over the years.

Batten is anti-lockdown. “The Churches should resist Lockdown by opening up. They can cite Clause 63 of Magna Carta. They should read Archbishop Vigano’s letter from the pulpit. Look around at how our way of life is being destroyed by fear of a bug with a 99.8% recovery rate”. Clause 63 of Magna Carta no longer holds. So maybe she did die in vain.

He is also paranoid: seeing several papers across the USA reporting President-Elect Joe Biden’s “Time to heal” soundbite, he wibbled “Do you ever get the feeling that the MSM is controlled from above?” Who is controlling it then? As if you need to ask.

If we move into the world envisioned for us by the Globalists then the scientists will follow the same path they did in the Soviet Union & all communist countries. Their job will be to uphold the state orthodoxy. If they dissent they will lose their jobs, & then their freedom”. Globalists! I wonder what religion and/or ethnicity that would involve.

He’s also a sucker for Fake News, Retweeting an item from the Buffalo Chronicle headlined “How a Philly mob boss stole the election” and commenting “Well it’s believable, seeing how the Mafia got Kennedy elected in 1960 on a very narrow margin”. The Mafia didn’t, and the Buffalo Chronicle is a known Fake News site. And then comes the V-Word.

Yes, it’s Vaccines. And Adolf von Batten is not happy about them. He begins merely grumpy, observing “‘Hundreds of NHS staff form anti-vax group and label new Covid jabs “poison” - Daily Star’ … Being labelled ‘anti-vax’ for being against the Virus vax is like being called ‘anti-water’ for not wanting to drown. But we live in a world of lies now”.

And he’s telling a lot of them. Combine that with the paranoia, and the Moderna vaccine becoming available in the New Year, and what do you get? “Moderna have never produced a vaccine before. They are engaged in research into ‘transhumanism’ & how artificial intelligence can be incorporated into human beings. Klaus Schwabe, who Hancock wants to be in partnership, with says he wants to change what it means to be human”.

Yes, you get the full hatstand. Plus a doubling down: quote Tweeting Battersea bedroom dweller Paul Watson, he warned “There you are it’s spelled out for us. Dr Strangelove wannabe of the World Economic Forum has decreed we have to be ‘fused’ with technology. And the Vaccine is being made by Moderna, which has never created a vaccine before but is involved with transhumanism. Feeling safe?

Gerard Batten may not yet be totally wacko. But you can see it from there.

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RodJ said...

Barking? He's nearly all the way to Upminster.
Mr Batten makes it very hard to support freedom of expression and universal suffrage; but he's not much worse than most government front benches since I was old enough to vote (first time GE voter in 1974).

David said...

Batten may be batty, but the Wall St Journal.
"At the year’s start, few outside the world of biotech had heard of a Boston-area company with a New Age name and unproven approach to drugmaking. Most in the industry who did know Moderna Inc. MRNA 9.58% doubted its prospects. Investors barely had interest in the company, which had yet to produce a medicine."

And it does appear that Schwab, of Davos, does favour merging men with machines (transhumanism).

Anonymous said...


He's a hinge short of a full doorset.

Anonymous said...

Won't wear a mask, but quite happy with a tin foil hat.

The only thing missing is a 5g ramble.

Anonymous said...

Care in the community is a disaster.
Bring back asylums, shock treatment, and rubber rooms.
People like Batten belong in such places.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about Transhumanism is for a long time its been associated heavily with those of a super-capitalist libertarian bent. The likes of the Extropians had 'free markets' right in their core principles alongside weird shit like brain uploading and intergalactic conquest. Their 90s 'zines were a creepy mix of fascism masquerading as anarchism and stupid techno-porn (none of which has come true in 2020).

There is of course the luxury space communism types but they seem a fair bit less fascist and are more madly utopian, like Iain M Banks fans.

The relevance to Batten? Well the transhumanists super-capitalism is the same as he and his cohorts worships now. It is also an ideology characters like Dom Cummings are a fan of.

grim northerner said...

Transhumanism is just a philosophical area of enquiry, though Adolf and chums would deffo go the the way of the KALEDS if they embraced it.

grim northerner said...

Freeview gave me herpes back in the day...