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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Allison Pearson Hearts Kim Jong-Il

The bullying behaviour exhibited by Priti Patel, inexplicably elevated to Home Secretary by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, had slipped down the news agenda. But help was at hand from one of her own supporters: step forward increasingly wacko pundit Allison Pearson, now churning out what pass for comment columns at the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph.

Not only does Ms Pearson want to put the story back front and centre, she wants to do so in a manner which will merely make both her, and Ms Patel, look worse. Her column today is the most spectacular, and, whisper it quietly, most inept of own goals.

Ms Pearson says he can't have been a bully!

It does beggar belief that a woman who is barely more than 5ft tall managed to terrorise all those 6ft 3in public school mandarins” told the Tel. Mic Wright was unimpressed. “Mussolini was 5ft 6in tall”. So was Will Davies. “Allison Pearson’s columns now basically indistinguishable from the comment box”. And as to that size thing, well.

One Tweeter pointed out “My wife is 6ft vs my 5ft10. She's the least terrifying person you'll ever meet”. Eddie Robson mused “It also beggars belief that anyone would pay Allison Pearson to write this drivel, but we live in an age of wonders”. Then came the hypocrisy.

Ross Lawson remembered the occasion well. “Allison Pearson: John Bercow is a bully! The MONSTER!!! Also Allison Pearson: How can Priti Patel bully anyone? She's so short!” John Bercow was routinely attacked for being, er, 5ft 6 tall. Or, not very. And, as another Tweeter pointed out, “Allison Pearson must also find it difficult to believe 5ft 3 tall woman is capable to breaking ministerial code twice”. Which Ms Patel has.

And on the subject of height, one observer had news for Ms Pearson. “Let's see where Priti Patel fits in Allison Pearson's 'Bully Height Scale’ … Hitler 5' 7” … Mussolini 5' 6” … Napoleon 5' 6” … Stalin 5' 5” … Priti Patel 5' 3” … Kim Jong-il 5' 3" … Arafat 5' 2” … Deng Xiaoping 4' 11”. Which puts Ms Patel on a par with Kim Jong-il.

Worse was the suspicion that this was another of those dead cats. While Paul Bernal concluded “I’d like to thank Allison Pearson for keeping the Priti Patel bullying story in the news. It’s important it doesn’t get forgotten in amongst all the other awfulness”, Nafeez Ahmed, who you can call as he’s a doctor, cautioned “This, not Allison Pearson's idiocy, is what should be trending right now”. Dom Casciani of the BBC toldUK equality watchdog says Home Office broke the law over the Windrush/Hostile Environment scandal”.

Worse still, as Will Black pointed out, was “Theresa May, Jordan Peterson, Allison Pearson and Fiona Bruce all trending. No doubt because they have all been exposed for something or found lacking but pretty awful that we live in a time where these people dominate”.

It’s the most sobering of thoughts. And equally sad that it has to be said.

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Anonymous said...

Patel didn't "terrorise" anybody.

She did, however, disgust everybody who tried to work with her.

iMatt said...

So the next time a tall man (or woman for that matter) is a victim of domestic abuse due to their shorter partner, I take it that Ms Pearson will dismiss this as nothing to worry about.