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Thursday, 5 November 2020

Farage Was Right - SORT OF

Whoever knowingly and willfully obstructs or retards the passage of the mail, or any carrier or conveyance carrying the mail, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

- 18 US Code para 1701, Obstruction of mails generally

Still the US Presidential Election rolls on, with it looking increasingly like Democrat challenger Joe Biden is the one with a path to victory. The only obstacle now is the series of legal challenges that Combover Crybaby Donald Trump and his gang are mounting to either stop counting votes, or keep on counting votes, depending on the state concerned.

On top of that, the Trump Gang has been making accusations that the Democrats have tried to steal the election. But the one thing that must be remembered about The Donald and his pals is that when they accuse their opponents of doing something improper, they have either already done it, are in the process of doing it, or fully intend to do it in the very near future, themselves. So it has been with all those mail-in votes.

Those in the UK will recall that yesterday, Brexit Party Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage told Andrew Neil that there had been postal ballot fraud, although when asked to pony up some evidence, he sadly came up short. But Nige was right: there had been a fraud practiced on the American people. Except it was his side that did it.

Yes, as with accusations of violence against those on the left, when those on the right are already meting it out, and claims that the media is peddling Fake News, when the Trump Gang and its pals have already done it, when Farage said there was postal vote fraud, it should have set alarm bells ringing. Hundreds of thousands of them, in fact.

After a District Judge had ordered the US Postal Service on election day to sweep its facilities for mail ballots and deliver them, and the USPS had declined to do so, John Kruzel of The Hill told his followers “New USPS data appears to show a failure to deliver mail ballots from voters across the country on Election Day. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan will hold a noon hearing over USPS' non-compliance with his order yesterday to rush deliver all remaining mail ballots”. And where might there have been shortfalls?

Jacob Bogage of the WaPo had that information. “New USPS data filed in federal court this morning … Incoming ballot delivery scores 11/3:

Atlanta, 82.2%
Central PA, 61.3%
Philadelphia, 66.3%
Detroit, 78.9%
Greensboro (NC), 72.9%
Lakeland (Wisc.), 76.8%

These are completed ballots sent to election offices

The PA scores are worryingly low - and the state is still counting, with a 700k Trump lead now down to 164k. The Trump Gang is trying to secure a recount in Wisconsin. Votes from Atlanta could flip the Georgia vote towards Biden. Detroit is a solidly Democrat area of Michigan, which has been called for Biden. And North Carolina is still counting, too.

How serious is this? Politico has reportedA federal judge thrashed USPS today and suggested he might seek testimony from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for declining to comply with a last-minute court order to deploy postal inspectors to sweep facilities for undelivered ballots”. Bloomberg’s take isPostmaster General Louis DeJoy may have to testify about the apparent failures to adhere to court orders in a lawsuit over operational changes that disrupted the delivery of mail-in ballots”. He is a Trump nominee.

Edward Norton surveyed the damage and mused “if Judge Sullivan holds DeJoy / USPS in contempt & orders legally mailed ballots delivered & counted what is the legal tactic / process by states can be forced to wait for & count potentially hundreds of thousands of mail in votes? Because … It would seem to me this could significantly affect final totals in WI / MI / PA / GA / FL / AZ / TX / NC”. Two of which have already been called for Trump.

So when Nigel Farage claimed there had been postal vote fraud, he was right. Sort of.

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Anonymous said...

Blokes a shitbag ....

Nigel Farage put clowns in charge said...

Thank you for translating utterances from Britain's best known polygrot (Scammeranti and Gammonese) into English.

Anonymous said...

Seeing gun-toting loons demanding the counting stop makes the whole thing resemble something you would normally see in some unstable African state.

Yet, this is the sort of thing frogface Farage wants to bring to Britain!

Anonymous said...

This really is tiresome.

There never has been a US national election without some form of corruption or ballot rigging. Their system is even worse than ours, but not by much.

It could be easily fixed, but that's not what the establishment wants. Chaos and squabbling maintains the status quo.

Trump, Shrump. Biden, Shiden. Same shit, different toilet.

The UK is little different.

Anonymous said...

Shame he didn't appear on Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show to comment. Apparently he was not answering his phone - probably getting over drowning his sorrows last night...

N said...

I'm detecting a larger than usual amount of conspiracy theorist stench...

You get that sometimes in basements that aren't well ventilated. Best sort that out, Anonymous.