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Sunday, 1 November 2020

Tommy Robinson Arrested AGAIN

While most of the population has been mulling the approaching second lockdown, which is almost certain to last more than four weeks, almost unnoticed in a corner of central London a few hangers-on from the far right have been gathering, in a flagrant breach of the Covid-19 regulations, to celebrate the reappearance in public of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. The venue was Speakers Corner.

Yesterday evening, the Hearts of Oak had told their followers “Hearts of Oak will be heading to Speakers Corner tomorrow to film and support Hatun. Feel free to join us in supporting Hatun by bringing her some flowers and chocolates”. But the gathering was not just about that. The faithful wanted to see if Lennon had found his way back from his Spanish sojourn at and near the Manolo Santana Racquets Club near Marbella.

Anti-fascist activist Marc Lister was also there, observing those gathered, and also noting that the Metropolitan Police were there in some force, along with a Meat Van™ for anyone who might want to misbehave. But it was all a bit subdued and distanced. “Weird energy at speakers corner” he observed. But then, all was transformed.

Lennon had arrived. We knew this as the local brains trust began to chant “Oh Tommy Tommy”! There in the middle of a scrum of bodies was their idol. But here a problem arose: there being a melĂ©e, this meant the social distancing rules were being broken. This did not appear to be taken on board. Such a move was, er, unwise.

The Anti-Fascist Research Collective was there, and also latched on to the law being breached. "Tommy Robinson being absolutely mobbed here by a small but clearly very dedicated number of followers. Zero social distancing happening and people ignoring cops requests to disperse”. So the cops had asked them to disperse. And they hadn’t.

We do not need to expend too much mental energy wondering what happened next. Lennon discovered that the season of peace and goodwill had not only not yet started, for the Met it was totally out of the question. He discovered, too late, that he had been nicked.

As the Met’s finest cuffed him, he could be heard plaintively ranting “What you doing? What you doing? What? WHAT?!? Yaw breakin’ my fackin’ arm! Yaw breakin’ my arm! I ‘aven’t done anything wrong! You’ve got nothing on me! Yaw breakin’ my arm! [must have been a very slow break, then] What’re you doin’? I’m not resisting! [he was clearly resisting]” Sadly, the cops were too tall for him to dig his heels in.

The people at UAF had seen it all before. “No surprise that fascist Tommy Robinson has been arrested at Speaker's Corner, London. His turnout was poor & the 'event' pathetic. No social distancing. Robinson currently a busted flush. Here he is getting arrested in Leeds. How many arrests now?” Worse for Lennon, he may find himself to be the subject of the kind of local lockdown that involves him doing another stretch.

The time of Stephen Lennon was for a time, but not for all time. Just rejoice at that news.

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AndyC said...

Hatun? Who she? Never heard of her.

Citizen of Gammonstan said...

One should read @CoalanRob on twitter who worked as his cameraman and has this to say about Tommy Robinson:

"I worked closely with tommy Robinson for years and quickly realised that he spent all of his donation money on drugs and prostitutes. Speaking out against this lead to an extreme about of abuse and physical violence against me from his cult supporters but it’s the truth."

I wonder what Tommy's wife thinks of this? Or does her greed for money outweigh her dignity?

And Coalan sums up perfectly from his own personal experience of working with far-right personalities:

"I was a movie producer for alex Jones, gavin McInness, Milo, Stefan moleneaux and others who all turned out to be frauds. These people pray on the genuine concerns of working class people and use them to profit. They don’t give a fuck about anyone"

No surprise there, but I have little sympathy for those manipulated idiots who throw what little cash they have to these conmen.

Anonymous said...

Tommy breaking the law again? He must be really desperate to get back to those sausage parties they have in prison!